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Neon Genesis Evangelion by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto


The title comes from the first Gospel written, transliterates evangelion from Mark 1.1, meaning good news: "The beginning [genesis] of the euangelion, thus genesis evangelion. This implicates the author of the anime version Hideaki Anno created by Gainax in a serious theological statement, but it is left to us to understand how far it should be taken. Although the anime version was conceived first, the "manga series by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and published by Kadokawa Shoten began in the February issue of Sh nen Ace in December 1994.[1] It consists of 13 volumes, each composed of several "stages" or chapters. Twelve of these volumes have been released before the TV series.

The Eva of this evangel multiplies puns on both Eve and angel, Eva being the first letters of evangelion and the acronym of the machine invented by NERV to kill the angel. Why the city of Tokyo should want to kill the angel is at first as obscure as why conversely they should be called Killer Angels. Since Mark 1.1 refers to announcing the birth of the Messiah (in the other gospels announced by the angels) simultaneously to Eve in Genesis (3.15) and to Mary, the extension of this symbolism suggests Shinji to be some kind of messiah to save his civilization, but from what? From the past, as if it were Sodom? People of Sodom Attack Angels might be the import, except it is a putative, a fictional reality of the manga mecha apocalypse, which is forward looking, not to the past. All of these concepts however are laced with forward scenarios that play upon ancient, biblical, Old Testament situations. Indeed the continuing Evangelion series is the only art form to take the biblical world so seiously. There are countless verbal and image references to every part of the gospel. A take on the opposition of worlds that figure in these wars was also The War On Neptune recently out

The reversal of time, bringing the ancient past to bear on future revelation (Revelations, as in the last book of the Bible, it is not too much to say) supports the reversal of roles where the evangelion is a monster in support of a civilization once destroyed that revives itself, as if it were Babylon returned in all its supernatural hoopla. So there is very little in the story that derives from the Japanese. It is all mid eastern and at the same time new age, playing upon pop culture's idea that the United Nations is the beast to be ridden by the Whore, so hence, the Evangelions are monster machines concocted to fight the angels of judgement under the aegis of the UN. Assuming that the scene turns on its head and side the biblical, which it twists and twists, it works as an analogue and symbol of antichrist.

Attack of Angels, "Nerve HQ, a biomechanical weapon named Evangelion, a monster piloted by 14 year old Shinji keystone for the resurrection of the world" Neon Genesis Evangelelion I, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Gainax) tr, /Fred Burke 1998. There are three versions of this, the anime, the manga and the film. "As in the original anime series, the first four volumes of the manga deal with the Angel invasions, but from a much different angle. Moreover, several more mundane sub-plot tropes common to Japanese manga occur at the same time as the invasions," such as: here

Evangelions are a thing created by man in mans' own image, a further reversal of the Evangel. As the reference to Eve in Eva is doubled and redoubled by the Genesis preceding Evangelion, the ancient history of Babylon, Akadia, Sumer and Israel are further summoned by the fact that the Eva itself is a giant, a huge synthetic minded robot suggesting reference to the sons of god, and the giants of Genesis six incorporating that huge literature of the Book of Enoch, the watchers, the Annukki going in to the daughters of men to overthrow human civilization by corrupting and mutating the human seed, meaning genome. Again, as in the evangelion of Yahshua, the story is turned on its head and the giants become the savior. Eve (Eva) is saved through child bearing (a reference in one of the letters of St. Paul), that is by the machine of the new age, and salvation is wrought by the hand of man against Satan as the father of Cain. It is genesis and eve, genesis and giants, but upside down from the text where the robot is a giant and a defense against the attacking angels, instead of the angels being a defense against the giants. Undoubted cabbalistic in these readings, the tree of life appears twice already in the opening of the film of I.


In the interview Sadamoto does not want to admit any of this, it being too mimetic, and obscures it saying: One of the names proposed by Anno was "Alcion (Arushion)". But a robot story title that doesn't have a voiced consonant sound in it just isn't catching. So I pushed "Evangelion", which had been rejected once, as sounding stronger. We had talked a lot in the beginning about wanting a title like "Space Runaway Ideon (Legendary Giant God Ideon)", so I think I did push that. And to tell the truth, the story composition is also similar. For example, Nerv can be considered the same as the Solo Ship fighting a lonely battle against both humankind and the Buff Clan, and then there are the incomprehensible robots that can only communicate with children and tend to go berserk, etc. It might not be an exaggeration to say that if you add "Ideon" and "Devilman" together and divide by two, you get "Evangelion". (laugh)

The manga based on the Evangelion series, written and illustrated by series character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, has been serialized in Shonen Ace since 1995. The serialized and volumized editions are both published by Kadokawa Shoten. The manga exists as a separate entity from the anime, and features a number of distinct differences (examples: Shinji's eyes are brown instead of blue; Shinji and Rei's relationship is strengthened more; not all of the Angels that were in the anime appear in the manga). Drawing from the original story outline, the completed anime series, as well as his own artistic freedom, Sadamoto has portrayed an account of the story that has both distinct convergence and divergence with the anime version. The series is still in production, and Sadamoto has stated that he is planning to end the series in the 12th or 13th volume.

Why do angels attack Tokyo 3

Parts II & III in transit

But before that, while Eva is still hot, and before Adam is dredged up, talk about "divin(d)ing by two (laugh)" or the suction cups of ubermensch, ha, ha, Eyeshot , hybrid beastiary and uber alter bot , please drink up the lit of the new age coming, coming, lest you think there is no Adam, as in Stockhausen's Licht, there isn't, but with more apocrypha. Of course the one they should fear is the Second Adam:

"In the year 2000, an expedition team led by Dr. Katsuragi, Misato's father, discovered their God of Gods, Adam. When they attempted to capture Adam by regressing him back to his embryo form, he fought back and enacted the 2nd Impact, which melted the ice cap, wiped out half of earth's population, and flooded the shorelines of the continents. Misato was the only member of the team to survive, and was saved by her father with the last of his strength, who put her in an escape pod before Adam melted the cap. Adam's embryo was found in the red waters years later by SEELE, and delivered to NERV by Kaji Ryoji."

Jus' sayin'... in all frankness these boys did not fear to mess with Eve. They did not fear to mess with earth, with her marriage, with her children, and that this hugely stands behind the Evangelion. Absolutely huge, but to give some space, not necessarily chronologically, but tied to what is most familiar,

Eve, Girl, Woman, Man, Adam, Child and the Greek gods, Zeus wanted girls, but not really for themselves but for what they meant, which we learn in the Earth Meeting at Homer's Olympus where heaven and earth mix. Of these events long Zeus wanted girls long before. Niobe, Leda, Danae, Europa, plenty moreIo. Hera was jealous. Gods wanted Persephone Apollo wanted Acacallis, Posidon Dis etc. Are these gods a human invention, or superimposed? The maze leaders called them beings from another civilization, from Niburu, but they are not. Trust me.

Girls stood for life in its fullest for the man. The girl was everything, the joy of love, nothing better, nothing greater. Get the girl and you got the gold. The girl was life, and after, a heritage with children and a piece of grass. People were immersed in earth, air, water and fire. But the girl, the mother, the child was subject to conquest by men, politics, war, religion. Before people were affected with individualism they lived and died under the mercy that their name, family, tribe, people, went on when they passed.

Then the gods worked out their jealousies and foibles on the surface, and below.

The Greek gods did pretty well transported through space and time from Babylon, whether they appeared in Japan or New York or were said to be arriving from space, just as likely as Niburu and hybrid revived myth, some Godzilla From Another Planet, the same question always occurred, WHY ARE THE GODS ANDROCENTRIC? Why they are interested in breeding? How does Godzilla land? What you do when that tow truck stops for your girl, "if mankind's original owner-creators were suddenly to return?"

(Genes, 157). Reviewed right here at Goodreads, Farrell wants the Anunnaki to come down from the Phobos moon of Mars or Saturn's Iapetus, but he's not looking for Jesus, although he thinks there's a chance the Anunnaki might sell their rights to Celera Corp, so look too maybe for Celera.

"Is there a code within the genetic code" to suggest who we are (Genes 158) ? He wants to know."Is there a hint of artificiality of modern man?" This dementia was also suffered by Hugo de Garis in his Artilect machine, the shoe was however on the wrong foot(Severed Head, #75, 99).

Intellectuals need to get out more, maybe get a woman, have children, read Chuang Tzu instead of Kharsag, get hands dirty in the earth to know if anything is artificial about a man and woman. Two views of this human exist. One is that human oppressed by the planets and gods idolized in Babylonian rituals and myth which victimizes their victims with yet another sometime visitation. In another view, but the planetary astrology of Sumer, Assyria and Babylon is hardly mentioned at all, human origin is based on a law of the heavens that teaches liberty, where sun and moon are relegislators of that law and the man is given dominion over the work of God's hands. As the fingers are part of hand and that Hand made the heaven, so dominion over the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea extends to Leviathan under foot too, though SETI is more interested in finding it above. The man of this second view seems to have imploded somewhat from his origin.

A Landing Place

Joseph P. Farrell / O'Brien proposes his own morality for the Greek, Babylon, Japanese, UN space gods landing. In place of blood give

semen and for murder take ovum (100). I know that's not clear. How could it ever be? But the gods still don't seek pleasure with a woman. Ask yourself why ET's think of nothing to do after traveling space and time but to act like men, like the Greek gods. The obvious androcentric bias of the space (Orion, what you like?) god program makes us ask why Zeus or whoever would want, not being mortal, to be mortal? And why won't any woman do, since they are all women, for it would seem that millions are to be had with no fuss or mess,so why are they taking women so as to be caught in the act? We also just want to know why they do it on youtube. The act is not sought in itself but as a PR event?

Golden Age Religion

The O'Brien/Farrell Trilogy(because there are two O'Briens) refers to an idea of entertainment that presumes the woman is a brood for space gods, "the shining ones." The man is as irrelevant as in the Evangelion, a mere byproduct of these Shiners, in order that they might breed and rebreed a whole race of mutants, hybrids or mulattoes, to borrow a term from their racism. Not so inapt since they describe

101 Noah as shining "white as snow" with long hair "white as wool"

(Genes, 153). Even more than a Caucasoid the image suggests a copy of the Lord of Revelations, who unlike Nebuchadnezzar's statue is alive. Constant borrowing mimics His appearing.

The catch for the O'Briens is they want to breed with the Kharsag text of Akkadia their own translation, rebreed it the way they say the Shining did the human race until the words rimku and tittu

are made over into sperm and ovum, sperm applied from above and egg from the woman below. Presto, occurs a myth of artificial insemination of ANUNNAKI AND THE ENGINEERED MAN. As above, so below. Which still does not tell us why the space gods are androcentric, or why they are even interested in breeding. Just in case you implicitly believe the line that: "In genetic terms, this mixture was to be half Lordling and half Human; and since the former are stated to have provided the male elements, the female elements must have been taken from the human women" the Cro-Magnon tribes (Genes,150).

In a bad news reincarnation story, the short of which is that multiple contacts with some intelligence from somewhere will irresistibly reveal, along with immense scientific breakthroughs and many cover ups of public consumption science and 102 politics, that these beings will seek to possess

"their" planet and the humans on it becausethey been here before. Such title according to O'Brien comes from their genetic tampering by means of artificial insemination. "The Shining Ones," (I almost wrote "Sinning") impregnated both the Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal. Nobody says whether this was done one at a time or en masse, a kind of gang rape. Farrell infers these "Anunnaki," taking license from a term in Genesis describing "the fallen," [TERMINAL GENESIS] as otherwise space gods from The Book of Enoch. Insemination of the Past The O'Briens do a like violence to Genesis and Enoch as with their revision of the Kharsag Tablets, foists insemination on the distant past. This allegedly yielded four categories of "Patriarchal Tribes. Some were 75% Anunnaki-25%, outranking Gilgamesh, who was only 2/3 god, by a full 7 %. 50-50 Anunnaki/hominids, even including some ("gentiles"), or 0/100 Anunnaki/hominids, not college material. 100% man at the bottom is as left out as all 1.0 humans will be when Hugo de Garis' Artilects reign, presumed at least to be fit as brutes.

As O'Brien says,"early scholars had given too little weight to those deification processes to which the later Sumerians,and the Babylonians, were fanatically prone making gods where none had existed" (Genes, 142). [This of course is right out of Evangelion 222, the last words, where the "nacense of a divine life form and the toll of its creation is the demise of all life that came before it, which itself is perfect Teilhard de Chardin "How can anybody give too little weight to their own godhead! Dare to be all you can be. Robert Heinlein said, "Thou art god." Why are the space gods androcentric, why they are interested in breeding? Just doing a good deed honey. These Anunnaki, which pass as beings of Genesis, gigantic in stature, are meant to lend credence to the O'Brien/Farrell breeding program, but the mention of Genesis hurts more than it helps for there Anunnaki were put to death because they were demons! They were opposed by everybody except their own quislings from Noah to Moses and beyond. This tidbit got left out of the scenario just as the citation in the Book of Enoch, where the lineage of Noah's white skin forgets to mention the discredit of the nephillim by "Enoch," they being put to death(Genes, 152). O'Brien's "genetic experiments" were the cause of the flood that wiped out these "researchers", or intended to. Neither substantiates a reason to rape a woman, new gods or old, whether shining one or alien. 104

The Babylonians made gods all right. "Centered on the supremacy of Marduk and the creation of humankind for the service of the gods," the Babylonians were consumed by their gods daily.

Don't take that literally, only their children were eaten by Moloch, that is when not being used for experiment. Farrell is not immune from this connection, as though the Anunnuki were Joseph Mengele. Historian J. Bott ro (Mesopotamian Religion) says however, "the gods were not viewed mystically, but were instead seen as high-up masters who had to be obeyed and feared, as opposed to loved and adored."

The gods were perfect little Egyptian slave holders. It is important to note that correspondences between Babylonian (Sumerian) notions of creation and the flood of Genesis, repudiate "the divinization of nature and the attendant myths of divine origins, divine conflict, and divine ascent. Even the great Marduk, who was said to be born of the gods, victorious over chaotic forces, and elevated to supremacy among the gods, was no god at all"(Conrad Hyers). Abraham overthrew them with a prophetic line including Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel,but

O'Brien wants to prove Israel the offspring of the 105 Anunnaki

and not of Abraham, which sounds a little racist and exceptionalist, being as it is likewise anti-human. Farrell argues the Anunnaki hold legal title to humanity under patent law. This would be their corporate title, though arguably you might hold a common law title to yourself. If you're lucky your genes and identity in common law may override their proprietary interest. Farrell calls these "disturbing questions" (157) but they are laughable, not only because he hasn't read TheRebel and understood the impossibility of human submission to the gods, but also because the one who owns us lock, stock and barrel gave complete freedom in perpetuity, with release from bondages such as the Anunnaki.

Christian and Barbara O'Brien, The Genius of the Few: The Story of Those Who Founded the Garden in Eden (1999) and Joseph P. Farrell in Genes,Giants, Monsters and Men(2011), (which as said was lost one day from using it to swat a giant roach and wasn't been seen again) represent this Godzilla from another planet. To them "it is clear that mankind is an engineered being, created for the explicit purpose of servitude by a genetically related species, which may accordingly have a 'legal' claim upon humanity" (Genes, 187). Similar thinking was applied to black slaves in the American south. Don't think the gods can't package their product. One thing 106 they got right was the high school truth of halls opposed to all the eunuch intellect jive-- everybody must get swived.

[All this to say what needed to be said not just of the background of the Evangelion, but of the background of the background of it. Space dwindling in this entry @ , presume more at the next volume.] Kisses.
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