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Seasonal Anime Reviews: Fall 2013

Not sure if this is just a coincidence that this girl looks like Tsukiko from Henneko.

OK, so since it's the end of the year (And the first year of me stop being everybody's best friend anime fan) this is where it all closes off. First, my thoughts on this season, then we close off 2013 with my Top and Bottom of the year. So let me start off with this Fall season. This lame-ass Fall season!

(Philippines) Most Notable Anime in the 90's

Akazukin Cha Cha (ABS-CBN)The Little Red Riding Hood-inspired anime. Cha Cha was I think the funniest anime broadcasted by ABS-CBN in the 90 s. All of the characters has their own comedic persona, and you won't get tired watching them again and again. The common debate me and my friends had in this show was: "Who will Cha Cha going to end up with - Riiya or Shiine?"I also have a friend who's very addicted to this, and wellI can't forget her insane laugh when we watched the OAV in our school auditorium when we had an Anime Film Showing in our school foundation day.Ang Mahiwagang Kuwintas (ABS-CBN)Nadia - Secret of Blue Water, its original title, was Gainax's Ghibli-like adventure anime. I remember regretting not being able to watch the last episode of this anime (just like when I missed the last episode of Slayers). This show was a worldwide hit, not only in the Philippines.BT'X / B'tX (ABS-CBN)"Messiah Fist" - the cybernetic gauntlet weapon by the main character - Teppei - and the least character I like. The coolest for me is Fou Lafine, he plays his violin when he attacksthough I don't have any idea where he hides it. On the other hand, I prefer Hokuto's B'T - B'T Max (a turtle mecha) over the rest. It's just so gigantic, almost looks indestructible. About the anime, this was pretty much popular, especially its Tagalog opening song.Cedie, Ang Munting Prinsipe (ABS-CBN)Based on the novel "The Little Lord Fauntleroy", this anime was broadcasted at the same time with Peter Pan and Princess Sarah, around 1992-1993 (I was about 4-5 years old at that time). This World Masterpiece Theatre member was such a hit that ABS-CBN's Star Cinema made a live action version in 1996 starring Tom Taus.Gundam Wing (GMA)The only mecha-anime hit by GMA in the 90 s. Its successor Gundam G didn't come up to the level like Wing did, in short it flopped. About the anime, Wing's pilot and main character - Heero Yuy is a typical-snob guy. Though most of the girls I know like the fact that he's a snob, 'cause they like it everytime he ignores Relena. Moving onthe two characters I like the most were Quatre and Trowa - I mimicked his hairstyle back when I was in 5th grade (I didn't think my classmates would notice it, but they did. Just shows that this Gundam series was really popular.) And the two coolest mobile suits for me were Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom (Duo's Gundam) and Gundam Nataku (Wufei's Gundam). Obviously, I'm not a fan of the main character, like in B'tX.

Huckleberry Finn (ABS-CBN)This adventure novel-based anime is a remake of the 1976 Huckleberry no Bouken. There's one episode that I couldn't forget, it's when Huck and his father were only eating (hot) sweet potatoes for days. I imagined myself being in that situation, and I realized it's really a huge challenge (OK, now I'm hungry).This anime was broadcasted in 1997, at the same time its somehow related anime - (The) Adventures of Tom Sawyer was released.Let's & Go (GMA)A Sports genre anime about kids (and some adults) and their mini Four-wheel drives. The proof that this show was a hit, was when the competition came to life. Actual toy cars from the anime were sold in stores, and different tournaments were held around the country (even in our school). At first I thought the toys were 100% similar to the anime, like there's some booster or spinning blades on the wheels - but no, what you can see in the anime stays in the anime (except for the thrill, enjoyment, friendshipshould I continue?).Lupin III (GMA)If not the highest, its one of the high-rated anime show broadcasted by GMA. Simply because it's appealing to different kinds of people, young or young at heart. Lupin and his gang's tricks were the climax of each episode. Add it with some fan service by Fujiko and you got a show that can beat soap operas. Oh and Inspector Zenigata's effort is worth crediting, even though Lupin can always find a way to get himself out of his hands.Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo (ABS-CBN)Originally known as Romeo no Aoi Sora. Another great World Masterpiece Theatre from ABS. I think the most unforgettable episode for everyone was when Alfredo, Romeo's best friend, died. Another was the turning point of the show, when Romeo and the rest of the "Black Brothers" were proven innocent against their rival "Wolf Pack". And if you've forgotten the endingRomeo and Bianca got married, and had a son name Alfred. Though honestly, I thought it would be Romeo and Angeletta.Mojacko (GMA)One thing I noticed was that GMA never showed the other opening and ending credits of this anime. Anyway, this is a very funny show, and there was one episode where Mojacko and some characters has mumps. I won't forget it cause at the same time, me and our maid were in the same situation. So that day wasvery funny, painful, and awkward.About the other characters, Mojaru and Dono were the ones I found amusing. Everytime Mojaru cried, there'll be like an earthquake. And when Dono has eaten a lot of sweets, he'll go berserk and do unexpected things.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (ABS-CBN)A groundbreaking mecha anime, besides Macross. This anime was the most popular at its era (and I guess the most controversial until now). ABS-CBN cut a lot of scenes, and pronounced the name "Asuka" - "A-su-ka", when it should be just "As-ka". What's great about this anime, was that there were a lot of memorable episodes, even though there's only 26 all in all. The most popular I can think of was when Shinji came to Rei's apartment to give her new ID, his timing was off (but not to other teenage boys) 'cause Rei has just finished taking a bath. Cut the story short, both of them slipped and Shinji was on top of Rei with his left hand on Rei's right breast. Phew~ This was also the first anime where I witnessed a slashy yaoi - it was on episode 24, just before the two unforgettable ending episodes in the history of anime.Pokemon (GMA)The first english opening version of this hit anime was sung by Billy Crawford, a worldwide-known Filipino singer. I'll admit that I'm addicted to this show when I was kid, even memorizing the 150 (151 if you include Togepi) Red and Blue version Pokemons. And joining GMA's promo, I sent like 5 letters each week (and never won). One of my classmates brought his Pokemon guide book, and the Pokemon that got my attention was Charmander (at that time I don't have any idea that he's one of Ash's main pokemon). Another classmate of mine memorized the famous quote of Team Rocket, and he was hailed by most of us.A memorable tagline of the show was "Poke-Friday"! ABS-CBN got its attention, and broadcasted a similar anime called Digimon in the year 2000.Remi (Nobody's Boy) (ABS-CBN)There were actually two Remi's that was broadcasted in the Philippines. First was this one, and the other was Remi: Nobody's Girl. From the two, I chose the original, 'cause I think it was more successful hit than the remake. Actually, the remake was a flop (according to AnimeNewsNetwork) that's why it has only 23 episodes, compared to the original which had 51.About Remi: Nobody's GirlWas pulled off the air after 23 episodes due to disastrous ratings. It was considered the worst of the World Masterpiece Theater due to drastic changes in the story (including changing the gender of the main character.)Ie Naki Ko Remi was the last series of the World Masterpiece Theater.The episode I can remember the most was when a pack of wild wolves attacked Remi and his friends (the animals), and I think some of his dogs saved him, and unfortunately they died.Samurai X (ABS-CBN)Rurouni Kenshin was quite popular in Studio 23 that's why ABS-CBN, it's sister company decided to make a tagalized version. The samurai action and comedy-drama formula was a great combination that's why the show garnered a lot of audience in the 90 s around the world.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, 3-in-1 edition vol. 1

Story -

Shinji Ikari is a reclusive and withdrawn boy who was left by his father at a young age. At the beginning of the story, his dad has contacted him after an absence of more than ten years. It's after this that Shinji gets involved in his dad's work and is forced by him to pilot a giant robot, also known as the Eva, to fight aliens known as 'Angels' and save the world.The Eva is part of a larger project by Shinji's father, who is the lead in a secret organization known as NERV. Shinji doesn't want to pilot the Eva because he doesn't want to have the responsibility of doing so. He's only doing it because of his longing to get his father's approval.

August 2013 The Triple header: Kaiju hits Killara

Hey everyone, back again with the latest Club Moofie post. It was held for the first time at Renny's and my place in Sydney's north (held on dry land for the first time for me!). It's been a busy year for me so my apologies for the screwy order of my publishing this year. This one was for the August 2013 meeting and it is posted on New Years Eve! - I'm just glad that it is at least out within the calendar year when the meeting actually took place.

We reviewed three moofies this time around. The awesome PACIFIC RIM (2013), Richard Linklater's third in the series, BEFORE MIDNIGHT (2013), and the animated docu-drama, WALTZ WITH BASHIR (2008).PACIFIC RIM (2013)

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Neon Genesis Evangelion by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto


The title comes from the first Gospel written, transliterates evangelion from Mark 1.1, meaning good news: "The beginning [genesis] of the euangelion, thus genesis evangelion. This implicates the author of the anime version Hideaki Anno created by Gainax in a serious theological statement, but it is left to us to understand how far it should be taken. Although the anime version was conceived first, the "manga series by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and published by Kadokawa Shoten began in the February issue of Sh nen Ace in December 1994.[1] It consists of 13 volumes, each composed of several "stages" or chapters. Twelve of these volumes have been released before the TV series.

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2012: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The author is a life-long fan of anime. The author first acquired a taste for anime at the tender young age of five and has never looked back. The author spends far too much time treading back and forth between Japan their homeland and the United States, where they currently reside. (Apologies for the anonymity, but it was requested by the author. - Ed.)On December 31st, 2012, I walked out of the Mandarake in Akihabara into the chilly Tokyo night. After three days at Comiket, I was beat, but not beat enough to forgo the chance to pick up some last-minute goods before retiring for the night. On my way out, I saw a sign on the shop's door:

"The word of the year is 'imouto'."

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Overlong Discussion of the Filler-Free Dragon Ball Kai

I'm not even done with the first season yet, I *should* wait to write a review. But history tells me, if I wait until I'm actually finished, I'll never get around to writing a review at all.

A lot of the anime I watched as a kid has actually gotten better with age. Evangelion and Gundam Wing seem smarter than they did when I was 12 years old because I can understand more of what they're going for. Even Hellsing seems a litle more en pointe now that I've become a horror fan.

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Day Three Hundred and Forty-two

I try and give every anime that shows up on Netflix a chance.

If you've been following Couchbound for a while, you've probably noticed that there are precious few titles of any quality. I've covered a few, but most of them are stinkers and they're pretty much all courtesy of Funimation. I think I could count on my hands the ones that are actually worth it.

Freezing: the complete series

In 1975, Aaron Spelling produced a little television show called CHARLIE'S ANGELS featuring three beautiful women solving crimes and running about without, er, proper upper body support. This dose of daytime televised sexuality grew popular and before long shows like THREE'S COMPANY, BIONIC WOMAN, and WONDER WOMAN would make up a new genre called "the jiggle show." The shows themselves may have been funny or interesting, but the real hook lay in seeing the ladies jumping around and acting in an animated fashion, making their, er, assets exponentially more noticeable.

What's the point of bringing up this thirty-eight-year-old television tidbit? Because FREEZING, a series about women trained to fight extra-dimensional monsters, is the anime equivalent of a jiggle show. The show's cadre of busty females with semi-ridiculous names run, jump, and fight, often exposing their underwear or undergoing suit transformations that expose their bare bodies. They also lose their shirts more often than James T. Kirk. FREEZING's obsession with the female form is certainly not an anomaly, SEKEREI was pretty similar, but the nudity and panty shots go far beyond cheeky fanservice. FREEZING pushes the boundaries as much as it can, stopping just short of being porn.

Recent Viewing: Pacific Rim

I have had several friends tell me since the Pacific Rim hit theaters that I needed to go and see it. They said that if anime was ever made into a movie, it was going to be this flick. It was some big statement to make, but I finally gave in and decided to check it out.

If you watched the trailer, it basically summed up the premise of the movie. The giant monsters called Kaiju are wreaking havoc on cities and it is up to man to pilot giant robots called Jaegers to take them on. Each Jaeger is composed of 2 pilots that need to merge minds in order to operate the robot. So the plot follows some of you standard mecha series/films plot points.

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367. Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vol. 13 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, VOL. 13 by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

, Vol. 13

Shinji Ikari (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

SHINJI IKARI (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Costume no: 051.


Sometimes in life I come across things I feel like I was destined to see, hear, feel or be a part of. Neon Genesis Evangelion is no exception. While I was completely blown away by this series I have to say one thing bothered me and it is again my own fault. I had too many expectations of this show to be something it wasn't. Now, let me tell you that the way Evangelion turned out was as close to perfect as one can imagine. Obviously that is just my "perspective" on things, but at the same time I am sad. I am sad that it didn't end even remotely how I imagined. I am sad that it ended in general actually. The pacing, story, characters, visuals and voice work were all fantastic. This show seriously had it all. The way I saw it end was actually really silly compared to what really happened and I am very glad it all played out the way it did. In some ways it was a good thing that I wasn't correct in all my assumptions about Evangelion. It gave me a super fresh show to enjoy with unexpected twist cropping up that made me feel on the edge of my seat. I wanted to watch the next episode. I usually start an anime and then feel obligated to finish it, or try to finish it because I feel bad Anyway, Evangelion turned everything I thought I knew about anime upside down and then threw it out the window like a frisbee made of roaches. I never really adapted the model of "learned helplessness" though. I still tried to predict the next bump in the path and I was rarely correct. It denied me my expectations and instead handed me something I couldn't have begun to fathom

Much like Paranoia Agent, this has earned itself another watch and a whole lot of investigating. There were so many themes, some pronounced and some hidden. All the character interaction seemed to have meaning and I haven't figured it all out yet. So much symbolism I found myself re-watching parts because I needed to know if I could find anything in that particular scene, but it was of no use because you're flooded with more every god damn second! I have a lot of ideas, but I can only speculate really.

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So tomorrow is...

...Christmas Day Eve. Then come the day after next, Christmas will be officially welcomed. Thinking about this, I suddenly have a surreal feeling because it seems that Jesus has been my only friend for the past 10+ years. Maybe that's why I enjoy commenting/liking/sharing FB posts on Christianity? Well, guess this will continue for the next 5-6 years, at least it's heartening to know that your only faith is the only reason why you only ended up with cracks rather than absolutely shattered.

ERM, SO WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?No, I'm not going to evangelise anyone. Rather, I suddenly have the urge to do something on anime/manga. Okay, I'm talking about a particular title, not something too generic. I can't really remember when, but for sure I was in my early twenties when I came across this manga series. Let's just say that it's not just about vampires or even your typical Stoker-esque archetype.

Drama Digest (Dec 16) Deja Vu & Lady Luck

MIZUKI ARISA'S NEW DRAMA DRAWS FLAK BEFORE BROADCASTYoru no Sensei, which will air on TBS in January, marks the 23rd consecutive year that Mizuki is the lead actress in a drama production. However, there have been rumblings of discontent from netizens who point out that it is a rehash of NTV's 2011 drama . The main character Tennoji Misaki was a Roppongi club hostess who became a high school teacher. She was also the passionate sort. Not a coincidence? The internet is rife with criticisms calling Yoru no Sensei a sequel to Misaki Number One, something they have already seen before, and a certain candidate for single digit TV ratings. Even so, an industry insider says it is hard to imagine that Mizuki would disappear from the entertainment scene at present because she has a big backer who is called the don of the entertainment world.

UETO AYA'S HANZAWA NAOKI CONFESSIONIn an upcoming interview with the magazine CREA about life-changing productions, Ueto Aya confesses that she had intended to reject the role of Hana in . Talking about her insecurities, she reveals at that time she kept thinking about unnecessary things such as whether she and Sakai Masato would look like a married couple. But when she looks back on the drama now that it is over, she says she dislikes herself for even having a moment's hesitation about working with the director, and had a very happy time on the set. As we all know, Hanzawa Naoki went on to hit an all-time high of 42.2% in viewership ratings for this century and Ueto got to bask in the success of the drama despite being a very weak link. While the character Hana was given too much screen time, it was ultimately Ueto's portrayal that failed to connect and to resonate. All I can remember of Hana's interactions with Hanzawa right now are her smacks at him each time she wanted to make a point.

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12 Days of Anime (2013)

Have you ever wondered what an anime would be like if it were shown through the eyes of another character?How might things be perceived or depicted if we heard it through someone else's voice?Would their priorities and preference impact the story differently?How would their observations or presence affect the story, too?Say, for example, if we saw NEON GENESIS EVANGELION through the eyes of Asuka or CODE GEASS from Suzaku's point-of-viewhow would these shows be affected?

If you've ever wondered about this or if you've ever wanted to see this in an anime, then you and I share similar thoughts.I always wonder about these irrelevant details and how an anime would be different if it were told through another character's perspective.Besides comedy episodes or OVAs or specials, anime rarely ever break their perspectives (and no, I'm not counting scenes where another character is doing something that is relevant to the story, those don't count), and I'm left with only my thoughts on how things would go if the perspectives were switched.Fortunately for me, MONOGATARI SERIES SECOND SEASON has blessed me with three arcs - that's right, three! - narrated from the perspective of characters other than Araragi: Tsubasa Hanekawa in Tsubasa Tiger (Nekomonogatari: Shiro), Nadeko Sengoku in Nadeko Medusa (Otorimonogatari) and Deishuu Kaiki in Hitagi End (Koimonogatari).This sudden and welcomed change in the series offered an outstanding experience for the viewers, providing us with opportunities to see and understand the world of Monogatari differently than if we were riding alongside Araragi again.

Code Geass is Back to Mezmorizing us Once Again

The poster for Code Geass: Akito The Exiled.

There's nothing like the anorexic character designs of the writing duo CLAMP, especially those for the Code Geass franchise.

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The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary: Evangelion Poking Fun at Itself via Shojo

Like any franchise that's a mega-hit, Neon Genesis Evangelion has a lot of officially-licensed derivative works. The Shinji Ikari Detective Diary is one of them, and it's pretty darn good. Shinji Ikari is your average high school student who spends most of his day trying not to be noticed. His crew consists of himself, cool-kid-wannabe Toji, and geeky Kensuke (remember him, the short nerd with freckles and glasses who was always into conspiracy theories in the TV series, and whose name hardly any viewer knew?). The latter two are a pair of stooges that get Shinji forced into servitude with the Kaji Detective Agency. Misato and Kaji staff the agency along with Pen Pen, the penguin we all know and love, and ... surprise! Not Asuka and Rei, but Kaworu. So does this mean BL? This means BL, but, unlike the most recent Eva movie, Detective hosts the most mild BL known to womankind -- the entirely sub-textual, overly long gazes of musing interest Kaworu is so famous for. And in the first book, it doesn't make any moves ... yet. (Sadly.) When I picked up this book, I expected some sort of Sherlock and Watson (of which I seem to have found a lot this past month, if you are an avid reader here on Suvudu), given Shinji and Kaworu's gentle bromance that permeates their relationship throughout the Eva franchise. However, what I got was slapstick hijinks and witty wordplay, followed by the Eva being incorporated as pok mon-like kami as Kaworu and Shinji go up against the team of Rei and Asuka while solving mundane cases. That's right -- the Eva look like people, and they battle for you out in the real world, something like Yu-Gi-Oh!. With the money-making aspect of Misato and the Detective agency, Shinji and Kaworu's experiences almost feel a little Tigerall the fan-favorite characters are there, and amusingly utilized. However, when Eva Unit 01 showed up looking like Dark Mousey, I gave up on it being anything but crack and fluff. (If you want dark AU, you can go through other titles in the Eva manga franchise.) The artwork is of high quality, if a little on the shojo side -- the art tone is light and airy; faces have shojo roundness; there aren't many backgrounds, and what few there are, are stiff and bland. Also following-through on the shojo feel, most of the narrative action comes through conversation, rather than action. So it's crack-fluff AU shojo Eva. Interesting! Detective Diary is put forth by Darkhorse, which is known traditionally for mature-audience works. But the company also publishes other works in the Eva franchise, thus explaining how such fluff got into its lineup (especially that rare thing, Eva fluff). For a company that produces less than five manga a month, the lettering of both sound effects and bubbles is surprisingly without flaw, and even more importantly, done with artistry. Make no mistake, work has been put into this book, and it is quite fun, if you're willing to not take yourself too seriously. The translation was done by Michael Gombos and edited by Carl Gustav Horn, and it is a special thing -- they went all out on Toji's Kansai accent. I'll leave you with a moment from pages three and four to understand just what this book is about: Shinji: Toji ... Kensuke. Are you planning some wacky hijinks for me today? What can I expect out of this? A little nudity...? Koji: Naw, man... Ya can expect some violence! [...] Shinji: Huh? Koji: On da for rilla tilla, my brilla.
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Battle Of The Planets Vs. Gatchaman

"ALWAYS FIVE ACTING AS ONE. DEDICATED! INSEPARABLE! INVINCIBLE!"We sure could use a little more collective, inseparable thinking in this country today.

Like most, my best moments to write seem to come when the spirit moves me.In this case perhaps The Great Spirit moves me.

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Battle Of The Planets: The Characters


Our colorful primer to BATTLE OF THE PLANETS (1978) here at MUSINGS OF A SCI-FI FANATIC continues. If you weren't able to tell, we (me, myself and I along with a legion of others) loved the series here in the United States.Of course, it had everything to do with the animation.It was like nothing we had seen before, but beyond those gorgeous 2D surface penciled aesthetics the series also delivered the stories, characterizations, mech designs and weapons in glorious fashion.Based on GATCHAMAN (1972), BATTLE OF THE PLANETS was anime that had it all for children of all ages - even the big kids. It looks as hip and cool as it did forty years ago.Can you believe it has been forty years? Now that is staying power.

Year End Manga and Anime thoughts 2013

2013 was a year in which the Manga "fandom". For me became less of a part of my life not in giving up or burn out but simply that I don't bother to interact with others online or in real life out of a simple choice to want to be left alone or avoid the more toxic aspects of fandom (trolls, crazy super fans, and creepy perverts). I also buy less part of this is cold hard economics and it's partially I simply don't want to be "locked in" to buying a series I'm only mildly interested in or ambivalent about. Thankfully with the growth of legal online streaming I'm able to watch more Anime for free. As far as thoughts on Anime in general with a few major exceptions (Kill La Kill and Gallie Dona come to mind), Anime releases are very much part of a franchise either being adaptations of a light novel, Manga, or Visual Novel or a continuation of a previous season. Some of these aren't bad but it speaks to the lack of original content and most of them feel like generic re-treads of the same tired concepts except instead of being heavily based around Moe it's mostly Fan Service (this was especially true of The Fall season). As far as what was good in Anime it's debatable as is any kind of art sure there are shows I'm watching that are entertaining but ultimately inconsequential, or leave no impact like Infinite Straitos 2 which is simply a generic harem series with some okay mecha design and action. All the girls simply end up being one note stereotypes or archetypes, while Outbreak Company which from how it was being marketed sounded awful ended up being a pleasant surprise able to juggle real emotion and the some times pander heavy fan service that seems to be what is thought to make money these days. I also have to say that Gingitsune goes down as one of the better series I've seen this year although I watched very little during the summer and spring was depressing due to having to slog through a number of creepy fetishistic harem and light novel derivative titles. As Gingitsune, takes a very Japanese concept a young girl whois the heir to her family's shrine and can see the spirit guardian of the shrine a large grumpy fox named Gin with a fondness for Tangerines and makes it a sweet relateble series about growing up and coming to terms with life while also running a winsome thread of spirituality through it punctuated with slapstick comedy and honest morals to various episodes. Also Non Non No Biyori the spiritual successor to Barasui's Strawberry Marshmallow (in my opinion) holds a special place in my heart for capturing the feel of a real Moe series instead of the multiplicity of series that feel like they where done by committee or made specially just to sell merchandising. Also being produced by Studio Silver Link helps as they are one of my favorite Anime production companies and the only reason I even finished Oniai. As far as thing that where bad or "worst of's" most of the things that where truly bad or uninteresting I dropped the long stalled Blaz Blue Anime was indecipherable after three episodes and did nothing to counter the almost universally low opinion Anime adaptations of fighting games have in Anime fandom. It looked nice but the story seemed to be only a mishmash of references to a series of games I doubt most of the western audience has played while also having parts of it feel like fan service to the fans of the games as several characters seemed to appear just to do their "special move" than disappear. Other low lights include the Madoka Magica Spinoff Manga series which made me think that the reason we haven't seen a lot of really bad "Madoka clone" series the way we did with Neon Genesis Evangelion is because Madoka Partners is doing a fine enough job destroying their own brand with inferior spin offs that have none of the deep philosophical concepts or well written characterization of the original TV series while I have no interest in the movies even if the third movie is completely original the TV ending works just fine for me. Also I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Oreimo in my worst of as this is the best recent example of a series's ending ruining what could have been a interesting concept along with a turgid second season of the Anime that left a lot of people feeling as if they'd been tricked. The second season of Genshiken could also be added to my worst of simply because it goes nowhere and replaces the original cast with a almost completely new cast of characters who all seem the same while the Mangaka becomes progressively more obsessed with one new character to expense of everyone else. My three picks for best New Manga meanwhile are idiosyncratic and obviously not going to be what everyone considers the best but it's my list so their and it's in no particular order from best to worst or anything. #1 Monster Musume by Okayado: This title is simply put a harem series with Monster Girls I think it's one of the best new series out because it's just a harem title it's not trying to be an action series and a harem series or any kind of harem plus anything it's simply the story of a put upon guy who ends up with a bunch of cute monster girls living in his house it's a simple concept but it works and never feels as if it's trying to be more than what it is. #2. Watamote: This is the manga for anyone who hated High School or is tired of series like Kimi No Todeki that paint an unrealistic saccharine picture of High School or alternatively make it like this epic angst riddled struggle like Devil and Her Love Song. Focused around the failures and self deluded antics of Tomoko Kuroki a girl who thinks that everyone else is the problem to her becoming popular. It's alternatively one of the funniest series currently in print and one of the most depressing due to the presentation of Tomoko being so honest and unafraid to present her as an often vindictive and judgmental but ultimately extremely lonely and teenager which I'm sure more than accounts for her extreme popularity online as the ultimate "Anti-Moe" character while also hitting too close to home for some having to drop the series because of that. #3 Helter Skelter Fashion Unfriendly: I did an entire review explaining why I liked this, simply put it's not something you see released much it's a dark jaundiced view of humanity and most Manga that get released is simply escapist entertainment this is a work that goes deep into the ugliest parts of human nature for being that against the current grain of cutesy consumerism that Japan tries to palm off as "Cool Japan." I can't praise this series enough. 2014: Titles I'm looking forward to and trends I want to see die #1. Title: Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Originally serialized in Young King Ours (home to Trigun and Hellsing at one time) is a post apocalyptic Sci-Fi story based around the crew of a Submarine who battles the invading alien forces known as the Fleet of Fog the secret to their victory being that their sub is a former fleet of fog ship. Also all the Fleet of Fog ships have AI called Mental Models that take the form cute girls. When I first heard about this series I was instantly intrigued having watched the Anime now I really can't wait until June as this series seems to have an engrossing Sci-Fi plot mixed with epic military battles and a smattering of cute girl fan service in short it's got something for everyone along with an art style that looks all it's own. #2. Title: Strike Witches: Strike Witches is one of my favorite series the Anime's first season was near perfect and the second season despite some filler and an over abundance of fan service in some parts carried the story on while also feeling like a good way to end it. The manga had never really been on my radar until Seven Seas announced they had licensed the first series. Than subsequently several other titles, it's a great way for me to become reacquainted with the girls of the 401st while also getting a chance to have more stories on this great Mecha Musume series also, I'll be particularly interested in seeing the art style and character design. #3. Title: Say "I Love You": Licensed by Kodansha from their older teen Shojo/Josei magazine Dessert and due out in Spring of 2014, I came across it from watching the Anime adaptation which had wildly different opinions on it some thinking it was great others thinking it was terrible. I came away from it convinced that I had to read the Manga of it as it felt like a Manga for young women or older teens who had a brain and could actually think instead of simply regurgitating tired plot ideas and tired character archetypes. I think this could be the first Shojo title outside of Sailor Moon that I've actually liked putout by Kodansha as Missions of Love became too squicky after four volumes and Tokyo Mew Mew felt like Cash Grab: The Manga. Trends I want To See Die: #1. "Rapey" Romance and Supernatural Romance Titles: I know in a objective sense titles like this won't go away because they continue to sell as the Manga equivalent to bad bodice ripper fiction and it wouldn't bother me that much except all that seems to come out or sell briskly now as far as Shojo Manga is this type of stuff. In which a heroine has a guy pressuring her to have sex with him for whatever contrived reason. Or she's forced into some kind of "pact" or sham marriage with him for an equally contrived reason, and it ultimately feels like the audience is supposed to find the heroine either a ridiculous cipher they can feel superior to or is supposed to find the prospect of potential ravishment "Exciting" only further testifying to how sexually broken we are as a society this side of The Fall. Again it's more the amount of this kind thing instead of the fact that any of it gets put out at all that bothers me and at least with the release of titles Voice Over Academy it seems to at least be slowing down a little. #2. Moral Crusader Syndrome: This is the trend of people feeling that in the need to protect other people's children or in over reaction to their own child getting a hold of a Manga title that might be age inappropriate or something they wouldn't want them to read. They than try and ban all Manga or Graphic Novels this seems to happen every six month to a year like clock work from the woman in Florida who claimed her son was traumatized by a copy of Gantz and had to go into therapy because of it. Or the mother who wanted to ban Death Note because she felt it was wrong for middle school aged children to read. Thankfully groups like The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund exist to stem the tide of ridiculous parentaly motivated book banning and we can chuckle a little at these examples . But there's also the much more serious problem of governmental censorship in Canada (a country where you can not only be prosecuted for having Manga but also for speaking out against Homosexuality so at least their equal opportunity tyrants). Along with movements in Japan to have Lolicon declared hate speech by certain sectors of the Feminist movement or child pornography by traditionalist conservatives. Along with recent prosecutions such as the Brandon X case and the Handly case from 2009, I can only hope that in time people with "cooler heads" will realize that reading Manga won't turn you into a sexual predator and that a drawing of child is not a child. Best Reissue: Dance In The Vampire Bund Omnibus: Dance In The Vampire Bund is a series I love it's a mixture of solid action sometimes insightful character writing and a alternatively lush and epic, and hard boiled writing style. With the omnibus reissues the series get an oversized edition collecting three volumes per omnibus fixing the cramped style that detracted from the detail in the original individual volumes. Making for a much more satisfying reading when the epic battles of the latter half start, while also giving more for your money with three volumes per omnibus so it's also economical as well. I'm still a little amazed this sells and has sold as well as it does. Given the content I've even gone so far as saying this is the title I'm 90% sure would send me to prison if it fell in the wrong hands. I still can't help but sing the praises of this series for all the good in it and the omnibus only show why it's such a big seller for Seven Seas. Honorable and Dishonorable Mentions: Dishonorable Mentions: K-On! High school and College: These where the sort of sequels that continued on from the original four volume series from the beginning they where fraught with controversy, from angry Otaku worrying about their Wifu haveing her "purity" sullied in the College series to the uninteresting bland antics in the high school series and the degraded art. In the end both series ended at one collected volume each and except for completeists was promptly forgotten by almost every one it was a cynical cash grab and had none of the charm of the original which it's self is quickly heading into obscurity. Dragon Ball Z Ocean Dub DVD re release: Simply this is a repackaging of an old dub for the chance to get the money of old DBZ fans with more money than common sense. Of course Funimation is going to put it out because it's a guaranteed way to make money but it's still kind of an insult to the intelligence of fans I feel. Attack On Titan: After I read the first two Twilight novels I made a solemn vow to myself that I wouldn't get sucked into something because of the hype for this reason I've not watched the Anime adaptation of Attack on Titan and having read the first two volumes of the Manga I found it the equivalent of a series like Death Note where it conflates violence and shock value with maturity. I honestly don't have much to say except this is a series I passed on and my reasons for passing on it still stand Honorable Mentions: Silver Spoon Season One: The latest work by Fullmetal Alchemist Mangaka Hiromu Arakawa is a simple story of a city boy who transfers to a High School in Hokkaido only to find out it's a agricultural school and that he'll be forced to do hard labor on top of having to deal with the ethical implications of farming as well as animal slaughter for food. The Manga has been extremely successful in Japan (I don't know why Viz still hasn't licensed it), the Anime captures a story full of heart, courage, and an overall sunny Shonen vibe that's odd for a series serialized in the often more cerebral Shonen Sunday. Chronicles of the Going Home Club: Yes it's a "cute girls doing cute things" series but it captures a more off kilter Otaku feel to the genre as opposed to the "forced Moe" of series like Good Job Club with the girls feeling like actual characters while also making over the top beyond the impossible physical comedy some found it shrill I found it hilarious in the over the top nature of it and skewering of tropes and conventions along with the winking self awareness of it.
Full Post


PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA/ is one of those rare, beautiful times where popular culture has found a way to transcend itself; it took something unique to its medium, and managed to give its usual audience exactly what they asked for while simultaneously undercutting the very idea of it all. Originally a 12 episode TV series that aired in 2011, written by noted nihilist Gen UROBUCHI, and directed by Studio Shaft's most valuable madman, Akiyuki SHINBOU. The final result was a stunning, even shocking reminder that you can deliver a near-perfect piece of entertainment that finds a way to give audiences exactly what they want, despite also never giving them what they expect, and even reveling in how absurd their taste really might be.

The word "Deconstruction" is a dangerous one to throw around these days, with TV Tropes being able to get all up in your grill about what does and doesn't technically qualify as such, but if Watchmen was a deconstruction of costumed comic book vigilantes, if A Song of Ice and Fire was a deconstruction of impervious heroism in a fictionalized version of Medieval Europe, and if Cabin in the Woods was a deconstruction of the insatiable need for an audience to watch young people die for their own amusement, I think it's safe to call Madoka Magica a deconstruction of the Magical Girl subgenre, one which - alongside piloting giant transforming robots, being surrounded by a harem of partially-clothed beautiful women, and adolescents traveling the world without parental supervision, homework, or part time jobs to partake in fully legal dog fights with total strangers - has remained mostly, if not quite exclusively, within the domain of Japanese animation. For once, comparisons tothe 90s equally popular and upsetting Neon Genesis Evangelion and its brutal, self loathing vivisection of its own anime-infused genre are completely valid, perhaps even unavoidable... but unlike Shinji Ikari's journey of grotesque and traumatic self-discovery, Madoka Kaname's adventure never gets quite so far up its own ass that it ever stops being a show about the thing it was going out of its way to tear down in the first place.

2011: The Year of the 'Dokes

Patrick George Jones (@) is just another guy on the planet Earth living in the Milky Way. He puts the "Pat" in "Psychopath" every time he spits hot truths into the microphone on his podcast called "Oh Great! Another Podcast" ( if you're feeling dangerous). He also runs a website called , so clearly he is qualified to write reviews.This photo describes 2011 as well as ALL OF ANIME.

As questionable as this phrase may sound, 2011 shook up the anime industry.

12 Days of Anime #9

This year I had watched the Rebuild of Evangelion: 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo film, which I've been eagerly awaiting since the 2nd film ended. Well, you know what they say about expectations and how the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment (or the enjoyment, as the hype carries us through the work without being able to treat it critically)? I think in this case how disappointed I was couldn't be understated - my editorial-review of the movie is titled "" ;;

Jumping the Shark!

Battle Of The Planets Ep1: Attack Of The Space Terrapin

"TRANSMUTE!"Where does one begin when discussing a series as revered and adored as BATTLE OF THE PLANETS (1978-1985)? How about we begin by providing over one hundred images from the first episode. For this writer it remains on a pedestal of which the art work is second to none.

And why BATTLE OF THE PLANETS anyway? It's a glorious title to be sure. It's certainly meant to elicit a connection between it and the space-faring adventure tales akin to the likes of STAR WARS (1977). But when you really think about it those similarities are essentially superficial. BATTLE OF THE PLANETS, extracted from GATCHAMAN (1972-1974), was an entirely different animal altogether. And what about all of those battling planets? It was actually Earth Vs. Spectra. Mind you, many of the battles do take place on far away distant planets. But are planets really battling? It may not be the most logical title, but by God it was perfect as a kid. There were planets. There were battles. And that was good enough for me. So Sandy Frank got it right. But GATCHAMAN was essentially taking place on Earth. Frank mixed it up with a child-like imagination for BATTLE OF THE PLANETS.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Anime Reviews Part 1

Somewhere, sometime, someone out there made an extremely segregated and bias comment about the watching and partaking in the enjoyment of Anime, strictly Japanese Animation. They correlate it with being a nerd, being asian, being a social outcast, someone who probably watches hentai, someone who has few friends, and most of all something for children. What I have listed above may or may not adhere to you, or anyone you know who likes anime particularly, but these are often the preconceptions and assumptions one makes when I tell them something I did over say perhaps winter holidays or the summer. They look at me and laugh, smirk and paint me as a child who likes to watch cartoons. I'm here to dispel these assumptions, not in anyway trying to prove that one equals one and that I'm correct, but in my opinion show how these ideas and prejudice towards anime watchers should be taken with a grain of salt.

Anime is animation - such as it is cartoon as it here in North America. However, in Japan, anime is taken seriously as a media artform - just like how shows here have gathered much fame and popularity (Breaking Bad, Dexter, GoT, Suits, Walking Dead etc), animation in Japan is popular in the same sort of sense. I had my communications course final project as opening up store in the Eaton Center that was strictly Japanese culture, coming with statistics about their market, and how seriously they take it there. If you label anime as something for children, asians, geeks and is the pure reason you will not ever want to watch it you are being extremely ethnocentric and simple minded. Life is about expanding beyond your current bubble of knowledge, and enjoying things that you might not have thought to enjoy. For example, I recently got into trying different types of coffee makers in the world, having steeping (through a french press), pressure (through a moka press), and gravity (through vietnamese/french filters). This showed me that there are so many things that could benefit you, if only we allow it to come to us - that includes ordering a drip filter straight from Saigon, Vietnam. To be simple minded, is to ignore evolution in one's life. To paint anime as childish is ignorant. To perceive rap as black people music is racist. To open ourselves and broaden horizons is seeking knowledge, life, and evolution.

Evangelion Rei Ayanami Bandage Version Revoltech Figure

FRALEIN REVOLTECH, is the name given to a new dimension of Revoltech created and sculpted by the brilliant Enoki Tomohide, using an innovative and newly developed joint/body system known as "E.L.F." This new concept (E.L.F.) allows the figure to demonstrate a large variety of realistic poses unlike any other PVC action figure. "Rei Ayanami [Bandage Version]" is a fictional character and one of the three primary protagonists from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, its accompanying manga, and the films Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. She is the First Child (First Children in the Japanese version) and pilot of Unit 00. "Fra lein Revoltech Rei Ayanami [Bandage Version]" is 6" tall and comes equipped with interchangeable accessories/parts (such as 1 lance of longinus, 1 optional head, 3 optional hands and 1 display base).

* Rei Ayanami is all wound up for you! Badly beaten for your collection!

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Pacific Rim

I'm fine with the same only different. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, an early 19th century playwright, poet, and Whig Member of the British House of Commons, archly said of a fellow politician,

The gentleman has said much that is good, and much that is original; but that which was original was not good, and that which was good was not original.

My Top Ten AMVs

I've wanted to do an anime music video (AMV) list for a while now, but I was a little iffy on the logistics. I pretty much exited the wider anime community in 2008, so I'm not aware of what's been going on in the community lately. Still, I've been an AMV fan for years and I have a ton of recommendations. So I figure, what the heck. My picks might have some mileage on them, but they'll still be a good place to start.

All links below lead to pages. I'm not lnking to the videos directly because AMVs tend to be fairly ephemeral things that can disappear form the usual sharing sites without warning, leaving a trail of broken links in their wake. This archive site at least has all the necessary identifying information to help you track them down elsewhere.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Kotobukiya Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance: Mari Illustrious Makinami Plug Suit Style

A Kotobukiya Japanese import. Neon Genesis Evangelion continues to be one of the most enduring anime franchises in history, with some of the most beloved characters of all time. In the newest lineup of Ani*Statues comes the "Problem Child" and pilot of the Provisional Evangelion Unit-05 MARI ILLUSTRIOUS MAKINAMI -PLUG SUIT STYLE-. Joining the previous two Plug Suit Style girls Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley, the cute and self-confident Mari relaxes after battle. Standing in her highly detailed green and white plug suit (complete with chest and hip attachments and three tentacle-like tubes extending from her right forearm), the girl poses with a subtle feminine twist as she cocks her head and holds her unique helmet slung over her shoulder. A blue hair band decorates her long hair, and beneath her bangs Mari gives you a cute smile. You can even display the pilot with or without her bright red eyeglasses. Sculpted by Yuzo, Mari stands 10" (1/7 scale) on a blasted georama base. Display her on her own or alongside her plug suit sisters.

* A Kotobukiya Japanese import

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Yaoi and Yuri Couples I Support

Never really read it but it's hilarious when I found it. How shameless it is!

Now I won't discuss it, even at a small length. For now the discussion is on the back-seat of the post until further notice, I just want pictures (that I find to be cute not really representative and no, I am not choosing pictures based on 'smexiness') and description. Now and then, this post will be updated as I remember the couples I ship.

So You Want to Watch Anime? Part 1

People often ask me what they should watch if they want to get into anime or have watched only a couple of shows. Obviously, it pays to ask people what genres they like, as anime is just another sub-medium of television and TV, movie and book preferences are all valid. Some of the shows listed here are often noted to be aimed at people who are very knowledgeable about anime, but they are on the list because they stand on their own, and none of us are rookie media consumers.

This list is designed in part to present you with a variety of genres, so you could watch these shows in order to have a better place to start from when looking for additional material - based on what you like and don't like. Future posts will cover movies, and some more shows based on genres and themes. All posts will be organized .

Animate! The Sci-Fi Fanatic BIG 20: Anime

What better way to promote and shine a light on anime than to present to you anime animated.

Can you think of a better way to taste the possibilities?

Anime Isn't Special

When people asked before "Why do you watch anime?" - I never really had an answer, I watch anime because I like the way it looks and it has enough stories I enjoy. I also watch western television and don't think one form is better than the other. I also read a lot of books, and I love reading books, and you'll be hard pressed to convince me most anime beats most books I read (though the reverse is slightly tilted in books' favour). I always noted it at strange that I do watch all this anime, but it's just TV, and I happen to watch it to a large degree instead of western television, but I'm not sure there's any deep reason for it.

Hachiman from OreGairu telling us how special he is, a notion the show spares no sympathy towards.

Ergo Proxy Theme

So I've been relatively immersed in kaiju and anime since roughly July alternating between the two.Yes, the arrival of PACIFIC RIM (2013) naturally sent me reeling off in that direction.Since then there's been no looking back. Though I have made time for other avenues simply to take a break.I recently viewed Mark Romanek's NEVER LET ME GO (2010) and Darren Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN (2006), both exceptional, on the recommendations of fellow readers/writers.I'm pleased I took a chance on those two powerful sci-fi, human dramas.They may require a bit of patience but these thoughtful films are both ever so rewarding. On the anime front, I've been jumping into some old school anime, GATCHAMAN, but also checked out the next two entries in ERGO PROXY (2006) featuring the goth sexy Re-l Mayer. One of my only complaints with the new anime productions is the same complaint I sometimes have for today's live action science fiction.It's computers.The CGI effects in today's cinema is sometimes underwhelming.It's just too damn perfect and polished for its own good and simply can't compare to the gritty practical effects of yesterday.

The same goes for the world of anime.While it's certainly more economical and computers do wonderful things for the visionary, the look of the production is often too clean, sharp and sterile.This complaint is minor and comes from an old school fan of the hand drawn variety.It's simply hard to let go of some those deep, dark line drawings that graced everything from GATCHAMAN to NEON GENESIS EVANGELION and in between.That warmth of artistry is absent, but that's the sad reality of today's 2D digital cel animation and 3D computer animation and modelling.Nevertheless, I embrace both and I'm more than happy to give new and old a chance.ERGO PROXY is one of those new ones that lured me into its fold.

Neon Genesis Evangelion and the Hero Named Shinji

Two years ago I watched one of the most well known anime, Neon Genesis Evangelion. I didn't like it. It was weird. Strangely though, one of my favorite aspects of the show was Shinji Ikari. The kid who couldn't do anything. Mocked in anime circles world wide, this kid was the only thing that grounded me to the original series.

Shinji is not your typical hero. He is definitely not the typical sh nen style hero. He is known as a coward. He is known for his complete indecisiveness and lack of motivation. He is not a hero by most peoples perspectives. However, I think he is much more like a real life hero, than a fictional and romanticized one. I do not believe Shinji is a coward, he is a compassionate hero.

Dat Character Development

Hey everybody! Hope you had a good Halloween (for those of you that celebrate it), and for those of you that celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you'll give it the breathing room it deserves before the Holiday Rush. I know I will: I vow not to watch a single holiday movie until at least after Thanksgiving (a rule I didn't follow last year and ended up watching them all in November, leaving me nothing in December). That and now that Halloween's done I can move on from my marathon of Tim Burton films and the like and go back to catching up on more anime, since the hunger for it's still alive and kicking (though I may need to set aside a block of time to rewatch Hunger Games before Catching Fire comes out WOOT!). But on the subject of anime, despite the fact that I've got a ton of other blog post drafts in my line up, I had to bring this topic up almost immediately as I've been giving it a lot of thought, especially while I'm continually working at the editorial process of my novel.

In terms of storytelling, the medium of anime has a lot going for it, since a lot of shows that are considered to be anime (whether you consider shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and RWBY to be a part of that is a whole 'nother kettle o' fish) not only come up with some of the coolest and most creative premises (right up there with BBC's Sherlock and The Walking Dead*), with a long history of taking its viewers on flights of fancy from epic space mech-battles to quirky romances with kitsune (fox-demons) and everything in between, but they ALSO, when done well, open some of the most delightful avenues for character development, since most animes (with the exception of OVAs) tend to consist of a series of episodes that can be anywhere from thirteen to fifty episodes long (or longer if we're talking the ongoing march of Naruto, Bleach, or One Piece).

Ergo Proxy Ep3: Mazecity & Ep4: Futu-Risk

Since seeing PACIFIC RIM (2013) in July, I've turned a good deal of my spare time to kaiju and anime. It has certainly infiltrated my infrequent posting and it's been fun to get back to it.I suspect that pattern will continue in the run up to Christmas.Can you believe it's almost Christmas? It seems like yesterday I just saw PACIFIC RIM. Can we enjoy Thanksgiving first?

We continue with the story of ERGO PROXY (2006).To catch up, here is the summary from the actual DVD of the first volume of four episodes.

Six Anime That Have Closure in One Season or Less

I have a big peeve for anime series that end too early, especially if the series is only one season.At the same time, I have to give props to a series that can end a story in one season.Nothing is worse than being left hanging.

FLCL 6 episodes

Evangelion Rei Ayanami Bandage Version Revoltech Figure

FRALEIN REVOLTECH, is the name given to a new dimension of Revoltech created and sculpted by the brilliant Enoki Tomohide, using an innovative and newly developed joint/body system known as "E.L.F." This new concept (E.L.F.) allows the figure to demonstrate a large variety of realistic poses unlike any other PVC action figure. "Rei Ayanami [Bandage Version]" is a fictional character and one of the three primary protagonists from the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion, its accompanying manga, and the films Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. She is the First Child (First Children in the Japanese version) and pilot of Unit 00. "Fra lein Revoltech Rei Ayanami [Bandage Version]" is 6" tall and comes equipped with interchangeable accessories/parts (such as 1 lance of longinus, 1 optional head, 3 optional hands and 1 display base).

* Rei Ayanami is all wound up for you! Badly beaten for your collection!

Jaeger Bombs


Pacific Rim is flashy.It's bright.It's colorful and has a lot of big bangs and explosions.It also has piles of clich s, stock characters, and for me, an almost cynical view of its audience.I watched Pacific Rim and was disappointed: I think it could have tried something more original, created its own world.However, Guillermo Del Toro opted to use things we've seen before, throw it all together and voila: a potential franchise.

Tenchi Muyo: War on Geminar

Forget everything you know about the TENCHI MUYO universe! Well, almost everything. TENCHI MUYO: WAR ON GEMINAR ditches everything relating to Tenchi and his gang of interstellar beauties in favor of a whole new cast of colorful characters and personalities. Up until now, I thought myself done with the TENCHI series and was hesitant to start what I thought to be another retelling of Tenchi's adventures with Washu, Ryoko, Ayeka, Sasami, and the rest. After watching WAR ON GEMINAR, I found my interest reinvigorated and by the end of the thirteen episode show, I found myself wanting more.

WAR ON GEMINAR is another spin off of the TENCHI series set after the very first OVA series, TENCHI MUYO: RYO-OHKI. Tenchi's half brother, Kenshi Masaki, is taken from Earth by a group rebellious thugs who have aspirations of capturing the throne of Geminar away from the newly crowned Empress Lashara. Armed with NEON GENESIS EVANGELION-style robots called Mechanoids, Kenshi is forced to assault Lashara's city ship and assassinate the young girl. Though formidable in combat, Kenshi flees, only to be confronted with execution by his evil masters. Displaying remarkable martial arts skills, Kenshi escapes his captors and falls under the employ of Lashara and her lovely entourage as they reach the Holy Land, a predominantly female academy where the royal elite are trained in Mechanoid combat.

15 Anime series that have touched my heart

I was tagged by a good friend mine in Facebook about 15 anime titles that have touched my heart.Well, I can't say that some of them did touch my heart in ways that could move mountains and split the deepest seas, but, they are there for the sheer fact of nostalgia and fond memories I had while watching them.And like the rest of my otaku friends, it's just literally hard to put just 15 when there are a lot to include in this list.

So without further ado, here are my top 15 in no particular order. (on top of my head...after the rules of course...)


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Evangelion defies common stereotypes.

Evangelion is an anime which defies common stereotypes and conventions to take the viewer on a ride to the depths of the human psyche and the limits of sanity. It is a roller coaster trip through the psychological disorders and subconscious self loathing deep within the mind of director Anno Hideaki.

Unfortunately, while Evangelion has excellent characters and an amazing story, it suffers from critical flaws which can be directly linked to budget concerns in the late stages of production along with an absolutely wretched ending. Nonetheless, Neon Genesis Evangelion is the series that would revolutionize and redefine anime for the next 10 years.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular anime in recent history.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most popular anime in recent history. The combination of innovative mecha designs, a compelling story, and heart-pumping action has enthralled many anime fans.

However, along with its immense popularity comes a boatload of hype. Anyway, I'll try to cut through some of the hype and provide a fair review.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a different kind of anime.

Many futuristic mecha-based anime survive on the creative and awe inspiring design of their mecha; however, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a different kind of anime. While the mecha are certainly original and cool looking, Eva does not rely on aesthetics alone.

What separates Eva from 95% of other mecha anime is its excellent story. Using the concept of god is not an entirely new ideayetEva takes religious symbolism and philosophy to new levels or depths, depending on your perspective.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Christopher McQuarrie to Direct Live Action Star Blazers Movie

Live action anime adaptations continue to be relatively hot in Hollywood, although up until this point we still haven't seen very many of them actually get made. That could change soon with the that Warner Brothers is bringing their Akira adaptation back from the dead. In addition, this week Skydance Productions has announced that they are planning to bring the '70s sci-fi series Star Blazers to the big screen and they have hired director Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) to make it a reality. The show is an English translation of the Japanese series Space Battleship Yamato and the basic premise is as follows:

"The year is 2199. There is no livable environment on earth to survive the radioactive contamination caused by planet bomb attack from outer space. Humans build underground cities to confront an unknown enemy called the Gamilons, however, their superior scientific and military power is so overwhelming that humans are getting closer to extinction, day by day. One day, a message arrives from a planet called Iscandar from deep within the Magellanic Cloud over 148,000 light years awayThe Battleship Yamato, which sank during the Pacific Warheads towards Iscandar. Time is running out - Earth has only one year left before it goes extinct. Can the Yamato save the Earth? Who are these mysterious Gamilons, and what is their purpose? The adventure begins!"

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The anime world has heard of nothing else but Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Okay, I'm almost positive I'm going to step on a lot of toes with this review.

Ever since its debut in 1996 in Japan, the anime world has heard of nothing else but Neon Genesis Evangelion. Fans and otaku immediately fell in love with Gainax's newest controversial production featuring unique mecha design, characters, and an enigmatic story. The growth of popularity for this series has far outstripped anything else, including Sailor Moon and DragonBall Z.


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Neon Genesis Evangelion continues to be one of the most enduring anime franchises in history, with a new movie scheduled for release later this year: Evangelion 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance. From this iconic series comes the beautiful REI AYANAMI in an all-new look, a maid's uniform exclusive to Kotobukiya! Rei Ayanami, the First Child and pilot of Evangelion Unit 00, sits relaxed in an antique chair, holding a cup of tea. Her maid's uniform, intricately sculpted with multiple layers and textures, stands out with its beautiful blue color, the girl's signature hue. Rei sits with her head cocked to the side, a serene expression on her face and a hint of interest in her piercing red eyes. Sculpted by Kakeru Kojima, Rei is 7 1/2 inches tall (1/7 scale) sitting down. She comes packaged in a window box and is constructed of high-quality PVC and ABS plastics. A Special Edition light blue Maid costume will also be available, with blue of course being the color most associated with Rei herself. Rei is the first in a matching set, with a similarly-attired Asuka (in red maid's uniform) coming soon!

* Scale: 1/7

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Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This has to be one of the most thought-provoking things anybody could see as

Neon Genesis Evangelion

TYPE: You know the one

SYNOPSIS: Giant robots. Whiny teenager. Dick Dad. Alien (?) Invaders. Complexes. Whacky ending.

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Afternoon Anime: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Episode 14 of Space Battleship Yamato 2199, subtitled The Whisper of the Witch, is certainly better executed than the episode previous. It's also the weirdest entry of the series to date.

So far we've seen the Gamilans using biological, radioactive, and conventional weapons against Earth and the Yamato. This chapter takes it in a new direction with the use of a psychological weapon. We open on an elfin Gamilan, previously identified as another conquered species serving within the empire, taking point on a new attempt to destroy the Yamato. The writing does a great job of showing rather than telling the details as Kodai and Yuki return from a patrol to find the Yamato spinning out of control amid an apparent snowstorm in space.

Film Review # 9: "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

Well, friends, I done did it.

After several years of knowing about the show (and sorta wanting to watch it), I decided to plunge headfirst into the world of Neon Genesis Evangelion. And although I've only watched the first 2 episodes I think I'm already hooked.

NTT Docomo unveils SH-06D NERV special edition Android smartphone

The "Eva mobile" was extremely well received when it was first launched in 2009. And this year, NTT Docomo has come up with the second "NEXT series SH-06D NERV" special edition phone, manufactured by Sharp, and will be launched in conjunction with the movie "Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo" in June. The Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo is a Japanese animated film directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki and Hideaki Anno, and is the third of four movies released in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, based on the original anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The SH-06D NERV special edition model reproduces the view of the world in the movie with the same concept of "government paramilitary organization NERV". The body design, built-in content, as well as user interface are made to reflect the world of "Evangelion", and is supervised by the color studio production company. The picture that has been released only shows the the rear panel of the phone - the NERV logo, as well as the FeliCa mark. (FeliCa is the contactless RFID smart card system used in Japan). Details on pre-orders and other information have yet to be released.

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The purple and green problem

Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Japanese science-fantasy animation series. A friend asked me a long time ago to make him a chair that was based on a giant bio-machine called an Eva that features in the anime. Okay, I said. I'm not afraid of a geeky challenge but when he told me the two colours of the Eva unit were purple and green I started to regret saying yes. I had no idea how I was going to attempt to make a purple and green chair beautiful. I still have no idea And I've almost finished this project.

The unit

The sketch



Okay. I don't know what I've change my blogskin into a simple one, 'cause I'm too lazy to think for too many. The exams are over. Hooray. I can finally revert back to my slacky life. hahahaha.

Well, I KINDA handle my exam quite good. except for some stupid papers I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING OMG WTF. Okay. to tell you the truth, I've keep on and on aaannnnd on having distractions during my exams. It's ALWAYS like this for me. Whenever I'm having exams and serious shit stuff, I'll always discover addicting stuff or found some thing I'm attracted to.

Promote Yourself: Anime-ZAP! announces Greg Ayres and Samurai Dan

Anime-ZAP! announces Greg Ayres and Samurai Dan

Peoria, Illinois - October 24, 2014 - Anime-ZAP!, the longest-running three day anime convention in Central Illinois, is excited to announce that voice actor Greg Ayres and Samurai martial artists Samurai Dan and Lady Jillian will be appearing and performing at the fifth-annual Anime-ZAP! anime convention.

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Stop Following Test Scripts and Think: 99 Ways Workshop #91

The Software Testing Club recently put out an eBook called "". Some of them are really general and vague. Some of them are remarkably specific.

My goal for the next few weeks is to take the "99 Things" book and see if I can put my own personal spin on each of them, and make a personal workshop out of each of the suggestions.

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Anime Review: Evangelion

NOTE: This review will focus solely on the original TV series and The End of Evangelion.

INTRO: I have mixed feelings towards Neon Genesis Evangelion. I guess part of the reason why is because of how many people claim the series to be one of the most influential Anime series ever made. I heard about Evangelion from my friend from high school , and he explained to me how the series was influential with its animation, character development and character designs. Furthermore, my cousin who doesn't watch Anime, watched Evangelion during his orchestra trip and said he enjoyed it. As a result, I was excited to watch the series and when I finally did watch it, some parts were awesome. Other parts however, were kinda iffy.

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The Joy of HIFF(Hawaii International Film Festival)!

As an aspiring writer/storyteller/filmmaker, I'm sure those of you with similar tastes and interests can relate to the joy that I get when a great film festival rolls into town.Film festivals for me and other like minded individuals are akin to what the Tokyo Game Show is to gamers and ComicCon is to geeks & cosplayers, that is a celebration of the things they stand for!

For the past 2-3 years, I've slowly but surely come to enjoy and looking forward to the Hawaii International Film Festival(HIFF) which is held twice a year and whose main event is at the Regal Dole Cannery Theater on Oahu, with limited screenings featured at other theaters on the island and on Kauai & The Big Island.The very first HIFF I attended, I saw the rebooted/re-imagined Neon Genesis Evangelion movie, Evangelion 2.0.To say that I was blown away by the nicely re-done visuals and seeing the series re-born on the big screen is an understatement!But even better yet was seeing it with an audience that is not just there to be entertained by whatever happened to be playing at the local multiplex but one that has a passion for these types of films, Japanese animation in particular.The mood & scene was electrifying as you could feel the joy of hundreds of Evangelion/anime fans getting engrossed by the awesome story that was being re-born for a new generation of fans to discover.

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Soboj ostat'sya dol'she

NOTE: Sorry for the cryptic title of the post. It's explained further down in the post. I just felt that it sums up my current state of mind and thought patterns pretty well.

Well. My writer's block continues. Sometimes I wonder if one of these days it'll start and just never stop again. When I think about the fact that I didn't write anything for nearly six years, it doesn't seem that unlikely to me. In the mean time, I try to keep pushing myself to write to try and avoid that outcome. Nothing I've written in the last week or so is really worth publishing though. So instead it's time for a bit more rambling from me.

The Worst Of The Worst

I love villains. I love good villains: great villains: AWESOME villains. That's why I'll be posting villain related entries this month, it's a fitting subject for this scary season. That said, there are some villains I just dislike. As in, they really make me hate them not for being so good in their role as villains, but for being so DULL. I like bad guys to be as interesting, entertaining, and fleshed out characters as good guys. These are the antagonists I consider to be very weak, bland, boring, unenjoyable villains.

THESE FOUR DISNEY VILLAINS: Edgar from "The Aristocats", Madame Medusa from "The Rescuers", Rourke from "Atlantis: The Lost Empire", and Alimeda Slim from "Home On The Range." UsuallyDisney Villains, even the lamer ones like Prince John and Governer Ratcliffe, will have something about them that makes them entertaining. Not these four: they're total bores. Edgar's a greedy, bumbling, almost too polite and even sympathetic to be a bad guy Butler who never leaves a last impression at all. Medusa's a vain, temperamental, ugly witch whose "funny" moments are not at all funny and who is also motivated by petty greed. Speaking of, Rourke is also only in it for the money and his plan is particularly stupid because he wants to commit genocide against an entire lost civilization just so he can get richer off of the valuable relics than he already would be anyway for even freaking discovering the lost empire to begin with! His voice is well performed, but when he's revealed as the villain, his character becomes this smirking, sneering, joke cracking asshole who is just plain bland. And Slim is the worst. A stereotypical cartoon western outlaw with a talent for yodeling. Need I even elaborate? What a disgrace to Disney villains!

CARS VILLAINS: Of all the bad guys to appear in Pixar movies, these guys were the worst. Chick Hicks from the first "Cars" is basically a more jerkish version of the protagonist minus the character development. He's just some asshole who wants glory. Take away Michael Keaton as his voice and he's got nothing going for him at all. Even worse is Dr. Z and Miles Axelrod in the sequel. Z is a tired mad doctor cliche who lacks any threat or presence, and Miles is the equally cliched corrupt corporate executive who wants to extort money from others. LAME!

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Anime Review: Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone


CREATOR/STUDIO: Hideaki Anno/Gainax

Birthday Blog: Twenty-Three Years And Three Days

NOTE: My birthday was on September 26, but I only had the chance to write about it now because I got busy with work and playing tons of video games. Not to mention Cosplay Mania, which I'll blog about later on.

SEPTEMBER 26, 1990

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Iiniku Ushijima: ReiRei Ayanami (Ayanami Rei?) is a fictional character from the Japanese media franchise Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Gainax. She is the First Child (First Children in the Japanese version) and pilot of the Evangelion Unit 00.At the beginning of the series, Rei is an enigmatic figure whose unusual behavior confounds her peers. As the series progresses, she becomes more involved with the people around her, particularly her classmate and fellow Eva pilot Shinji Ikari. She is revealed to be a key factor in the events that conclude the storyline. Her role in this conclusion is not made entirely clear in the TV series, but is one of the principal plot points of The End of Evangelion.

The End of Evangelion (Air/Shin Seiki Evangerion Gekij -ban: Air/Magokoro o, Kimi ni?) is a 1997 Japanese animated science fiction film written and directed by Hideaki Anno, released as a finale for mecha-based television series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The film is divided into two episodes, each with a separate Japanese and English title: Episode 25': "Air" (Ea?) / "Love is Destructive" and Episode 26': "Yours Sincerely" (Magokoro o, Kimi ni?) / "ONE MORE FINAL: I need you". They effectively replace the series' controversial final two episodes with a more "real world" account of the story's apocalyptic climax.[1] Gainax originally proposed titling the film Evangelion: Rebirth 2.[2]

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Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet (Suisei no Garugantia)

Within minutes of finishing one of the best anime I've seen all year, I find myself trying to reflect on what I have seen and compose my thoughts enough to where I don't come out sounding like I just went on a massive "feel trip." Well, folks, I did just go on a massive feel trip so I am not sure I can help sounding like an overzealous fanboy.

There is no doubt in my mind that ATTACK ON TITAN was the best show of the summer (probably best show of the year), but I would dare say that GARGANTIA ON THE VERDUROUS PLANET was the second best and I feel like a complete idiot for avoiding it just because it was "another mecha anime."

It's not that I don't love me some mecha action, but I find them difficult to tell apart every now and then. I mean, once you've seen a few of the GUNDAM shows, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, EUREKA SEVEN, ESCAFLOWNE, and CODE GEASS the list of mecha must-see shows kind of dwindles a bit. At least for me. I don't mind digging a bit for harem, romantic comedies, horror, or straight-up action shows that fit the bill of "must-see", but mecha is the one genre that just kind of slips between the cracks for me. While I can watch a couple action shows or a couple of harem shows at once, I can't really do the same with mecha shows because they generally have such complex storylines that having multiple mecha shows going on at once isn't really recommended. So while I was watching VALVRAVE THE LIBERATOR season one, I was deliberately putting off GARGANTIA ON THE VERDUROUS PLANET and MAJESTIC PRINCE.



"Reality can be painful. But, it's something you have to accept."

- Kitsuragi

When Franchises Peak

OK, so we all know about Jumping the Shark and how it often happens to franchises that go on for a while.But before the shark-jumping happens, there's often a peak: a certain release or entry in the franchise that ends up standing as it's crowning achievement.There's nowhere to go but down from it, so the water skis get strapped on sometime afterward.Here is a list of such franchise peaks:


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Freezing Vibration // First Impressions

Is it cold in here, or is it just me?

I didn't have much of a high opinion of Freezing. It was okay, but didn't really care too much for it. Apparently, it's set in the future where the world is overrun by aliens called Nova. They look suspiciously like the Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Mankind's protectors are genetically enhanced superhuman females known as Pandora and they attend the West Genetics Academy to train and develop their powers. West Genetics' top Pandora, Sattelizer el Bridget, also known as the Untouchable Queen, is partnered up with Kazuya Aoi, a young boy with a troubled past.

Japanese Films at the Leeds International Film Festival 2013 Part 1: Anime

The takes place from NOVEMBER 06TH TO THE 21ST and there is plenty of anime getting screened on theon SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17TH. There are so many Japanese live-action films that they will get a separate post. Here is the selection of anime titles on offer and these are just as great. Just click on the titles to get more information such as times and ticket prices:

11:00 A.M.

The Embodiment of Information Presented in Anime



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The Beginner's Guide to Anime, No. 24

Still focusing on mecha (although this will be the last one for the moment) this series is much shorter than the others at just six episodes, but is made by one of the great anime production companies, Gainax, a series which has covered plenty of other series already covered in this column, including another mecha series, Neon Genesis Evangelion (See ).

This series however, Gunbuster was one of their earliest projects, running as a six-part OVA (Original Video Anime - a straight-to-video release) between 1988-89. It combines many other elements, such as parody and drama, but it is also noted for its technical aspects and realism.

Pok mon Origins to be Dubbed, FLCL Returns to Toonami.

Hello again. I know I am working on my From Humble Beginnings Marathon; but I have not been feeling well and I am working on going back to school. I have my recap of "And So it Begins" written; but I am behind on posting it. I still intend to finish my marathon, then do some Halloween-related recaps.

So, to tide you over, here is a little bit of anime news. It seems that Pok mon Origins is being dubbed, and will be streaming on the Pok mon TV website on November 15. I saw the raw version of the special not too long ago; and I really enjoyed it. I really liked the impressive animation, the darker storyline, and the distinct take on the franchise. I'm personally not looking at it as a replacement for the main anime; but as an alternative and a different way of looking at it. I'm taking film studies this term, and one of the first things we discussed is how different directors and time periods handle adaptations. I do not approach the current Pok mon anime with Ash and Pikachu the same way I would Gurren Lagann or One Piece. Part of the reason I started this blog was to counter the criticism against the show and its characters; as most of the disparaging of it comes from mocking it for lacking qualities the creators didn't intend for them to have. I am not going to take Origins as a way to disown the existing anime. Rather, I intend to analyze both the strong and weak points of all their stories and characters. Until others are ready to do the same, I will probably be staying off Kotaku for a while; at least until the initial excitement passes.

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Fall Drama Preview

ThCreare some dramas that caught my attention for the upcoming fall season.

Danda Rin is starring Takeuchi Yuko and Kitamura Kazuki. Should be interesting to watch Takeuchi-san as a firm inspector.

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'Influence: A solo show by Irie Takahito' at Arebyte Gallery

Freaky post-humanism always appeals to me.From Cronenbergs "new flesh" to Giger's biomechanics to artcyborg Stelarc's self modification - throw technology and flesh into a cultural blender and what emerges is both pregnant with meaning and looks cool as hell. These combinations of human and machine usually tend towards horror: the subject often disgusted and alienated by the sanctity of the body being violated.While I guess this is understandable I've always been enthusiastic about these possibilities. Would becoming one with technology really be so bad? Anyway, aren't we already utterly integrated with technology?

Irie Takahito is a Japanese artist currently working in Seoul known for his video, illustration, performance and illustration work.He was displayed in the Saatchi as part of their HUGO exhibition earlier this year, and is now in Arbeit in Hackney Wick.This exhibition, a series of photographs of bodypainted models forms part of his H/U/M/A/N M/A/C/H/I/N/E project: an exploration of the increasingly incestuous relationship between man and machine.

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Dragonball the series that will never die

I've been wanting to get to this for a while now. With Attack on Titan now on the airwaves, Bleach finished, Naruto finishing and One Piece never finishing now is the time for this. I've been watching Japanese anime since the days of StarBlazers, the first Gundam series and Macross. In that time I've seen only two series change everything that was understood at that time about anime the first is the DragonBall series. There's DragonBall, DragonBall Z, and DragonBall GT (Grand Tour) and many mini movies in between. The other is Neon Genesis Evangelion, that one Melchior will cover in another article. Today I'm going off on Akira Toriyama cash cow DragonBall.

DragonBall is based on the Chinese tale called Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. In that story Sun Wukong the magical Monkey King travels with a Buddhist monk to India. For Toriyamas story the main character is named Son Goku. Goku is whats he's called for the rest of the series. The series started out as a Manga, Japanese comic in 1984 called Dragon Boy. Toriyama changed the story from saving a princess to look for Dragonballs, thus Dragon Ball was born. The manga became so popular that an animated series was created. And when that became popular Akira Toriyama became one of the highest selling manga creators in Japan. Having his previous work Dr. Slump do well was great but DragonBall was an entirely different beast all together.

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Serial Experiments Lain: Anime That Blows Your Mind

... Though being anime, that almost goes without saying.

I'm not a great devourer of anime.There are some that I truly like, but I'm indifferent toward the rest.Because my greatest exposure to anime occurred about 10 years ago, all of my favorites date from the 1990s and early 2000s... so apologies if some truly great anime series have premiered since then.I enjoyed Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and a quiet little series called Serial Experiments Lain.

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Anime Review: Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

A long time ago, a young upstart animator named Hayao Miyazaki was hired by Toho to create a television series. Being a fan of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, he came up with an outline for a show called Around the World Under the Sea. The idea was that a pair of orphaned children got caught up in a conflict against a great evil and a rebel submarine crew. The idea was shelved and never developed, but Miyazaki would later take the concept and tweak it somewhat to make Castle in the Sky.

Jump to a few years later, where a new, flourishing animation studio called Gainax, known for having created the Daicon III and IV sci-fi promos, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise and Aim for the Top! Gunbuster (and later would make such hits as Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann), was approached by Toho to make a TV show for Japan's public broadcaster, NHK. While digging around, the studio members found Miyazaki's concept and were captivated by it. Handing it off to Gunbuster director Hideaki Anno, they developed the series into one of the most popular anime of the early 90s, Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.

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Mirai Nikki

Hello folks boys and ghouls for todays review and since we are closing in on always awesome month of October I decided to do something awesome for the occasion. We going to look at a series that has everything, action, romance, horror, comedy, blood and gore, and a creepy stalker girl with a deadly obession. This is MIRAI NIKKI OR FUTURE DIARY as it has become to be known as in the English translation. I'm serious this series is the shit just check out the opening below!

NOTE: I do not own anything of the videos or images.

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2009: The Internet Finally Takes Over

Feeling rather humbled by participating in the project, Raindrops (@) is a relatively new blogger from the UK who has been a fan since the early nineties. She spends most of her free time watching anime and speculating furiously about the future of the industry overseas. Choosing 2009 was originally a thinly-veiled excuse to mention her favorite show, and you can follow all those opinions on her blog, .As we draw closer to the fifty-year milestone for anime on television, we've seen the medium moving from monochrome to color and from cel animation to digital. Along the way, it's inspired a vast global audience and survived several new home video formats. 2009 ended up being a year bursting with the same rich innovation as anime continued to explore new approaches both on screen and behind the scenes. While I'm not sure whether any will end up as future classics, there were so many interesting projects on offer that I was forced to make some tough choices in selecting the series I wanted to introduce.

The first title on my list, however, should surprise nobody who was active in the fan community four years ago. Its sequels are still selling well today, its theme songs have become anthems and the script was often rumored to be "untranslatable" by fans trying to rationalize the length of time it took to appear in the US. The series I'm talking about is Shaft's BAKEMONOGATARI.

'S.H.I.E.L.D.' Premiere Best in Four Years in Demo

The Latest Top Pop Culture News


Robin Williams likes Anime? Why, yes. Yes, he does.

When I was younger I felt a little embarrassed about liking anime. Specifically between my sixth and eighth grade years. Maybe if I had had internet access at the time and the ability to look up interesting facts about some famous people I looked up to then I probably wouldn't have been so embarrassed. I mean, if Robin Williams likes some anime then whatcha gonna do?

Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors. Sure, he hasn't been rolling on all cylinders lately, but he's been in some great movies and Mork is a personal hero of mine.

So while it might not really have been the biggest secret in the world before (MRS. DOUBTFIRE, JUMANJI, and MORK AND MINDY easily could have been anime considering their storylines if you think about), this tidbit of info actually came as news to me.

Big Man Japan


This is by no means PACIFIC RIM (2013) so lower your expectations.It may not even be your classic GODZILLA from TOHO, and it doesn't pretend to be. No, BIG MAN JAPAN (2007) takes an entirely different approach and delivers BIG in its own right.

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UTR2 Ranma Evangelion

What's good guys!

Up from my seemingly unending list of anime's in my backlog, I have started watching this show calledRanma 1/2. Now, this is a show I actually watched as kid a long time ago and I hardly remember or even know if watched the entire series. All i knew was that it was about some dude that turns into a girl once cold water is put on him and turns back to a male with hot water. This show is pretty dated and unfortunately, i'm watching the dubbed version yet it is still quite funny and more comical than what I thought it would be; in short a pleasant surprise.

End Of Summer Editorial : Um...Blockbuster Filed Bankruptcy For A Reason.

Summertime is like the playoffs here at ACTIONAGOGO.COM. We track these big budget monsters from announcements, which are years ahead of release dates, all the way to opening night. Sometimes we even bet on opening weekend draws. Yeah, it's serious business 'round here. After the smoke from all the explosions and car chases has cleared it's become obvious that we have some problems that are being baked into every big budget action film that came out this year.

This summer came and has left me feeling disappointed. Why? I went to three major Hollywood releases in a row and came out feeling like I'd somehow watched the same movie with the same problems. Those movies were Iron Man 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, and Man Of Steel. All three of these feature characters and franchises that I grew up with and, to an extent, cherish. For me, there was a lot of excitement going into this summer movie season, and why not? The directors list was a who's who of hot Hollywood talent at the top of their game. Shane Black, the edgy director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), was going to take a swing at a Marvel movie. J.J Abrams was going to bring the thunder for a second time to the Star Trek franchise he helped bring into a bold new cinematic era. And last, but certainly not least, Zack Snyder was bringing Superman back to the big screen. Of all the directors who've made comic book movies, Snyder is the one who has been able to bring a level of jaw dropping cinematic artistry that brings a level of dedication to the original story, proving he's actually read it and, more importantly, gets what makes it great.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion: Battle Orchestra Review


The Angels are invading, NERV is mankind's last hope! Suit up and pilot the evas, and stop these monstrosities from causing the 3rd impact and erasing mankind from existence!

Welp, Guess I am Full of Irony

Apparently, I am procrastinating on this English essay on the Scarlet Letter, since I am typing up this blog right now.

In other news that doesn't involve me dying to English, I am also devoting my time to Neon Genesis Evangelion.If you haven't watched it yet, it's basically a mecha anime that instead of focusing on action it deconstructs the whole genre by focusing on the psychological aspects of its characters.Instead of the main character developing and improving as the series progresses, his depression further continues as the plot reaches its climax.The original series is a bit unpolished without a real ending to the story.However the second movie gives the series a true ending that can be either significant or unwanted depending on one's preference. Overall the story itself is really good conceptually but the unpolished last two episodes bring down the show.

Back to school events now, friends and I made a Computer Club "to promote interest into usage of computer technology for the student body."In other words, my friends and I are bored and wants a club where we don't do much like most other clubs at school.The only major thing we are doing is making a movie and selling copies of it for club fair.It is going to be the "movie that's so bad it's good".

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"Rebuild 1.0


Beat used: Imagine Dragons "Radioactive"

A Review of Neon Genesis Evangelion 3.0: You Can (not) Redo

At , I was lucky enough to get into the screening of the highly-anticipated third film in the Eva rebuild, You Can (not) Redo, and couldn't believe how much the film fell flat on its face. Though, in Gendo's case, there was a nice pair of new shades to fall flat on, which were probably highly anticipated in 1987. For those of you who don't know, Neon Genesis Evangelion, in its original incarnation was a TV series started in 1995, done by Hideaki Anno and studio Gainax. Both Anno and Gainax are known for highly influential film works, but also for just as much controversy, and Eva is the forefront of that, time and again. The first two Rebuild films were going well, but this one, for whatever reason, took a swift deviation from the plotted trajectory and, unfortunately, failed to deliver. Evangelion follows Shinji Ikari and several other fated young people who pilot bio-mechanical giant robots after a calamity called "Third Impact" destroyed all but a few main cities in the world. If you believe voice-actor-turned-scholar Crispin Freeman's interpretation, the three main characters represent an Ego, Id, and Superego all fighting against a certain force; in my assessment, that's Shinji's inferiority complex. In America, the show's either loved or hated by its viewers, and I take the liberty of assuming from my conversation with other fans that that's because they either feel the inferiority complex or don't. Still, the show continues to top "most influential anime" lists by fans and professionals alike. Yet, when the last few episodes of an otherwise solid series turned into a confusing, unsatisfying ending even for the fans that "got" the show, the studio addressed complaints by adding two films to the canon in 1997. These were Evangelion: Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion. Some viewers were still unsatisfied by the explanation and ending of these movies, which were, for the most part, a chop-shop-job retelling. For many years, that was where the issue lie, sleeping, outside of derivative and side-story manga. But the creator and studio are still going strong, and so in 2006 they began the "rebuild." The "Evangelion Rebuild" is what it says it is -- a "rebuilding," not a "retelling" or a "reboot." The story is told anew, using some old pieces of animation (that were truly impressive for the time period) and main plot points, while adding new characters and, up until now, making things clearer. I'm a fan of the previous two movies: they kept the best of the old animation and took the epic aims of the show full in hand, delivering well in story, animation, directing, acting, and sound score.In the third movie though, we get little of that innovation. Redo clearly had effort put into it, there's no denying that. But, it felt oddly empty, which is especially shocking given that it's been three years since the last film. Let's start with the basics: The animation in this one is solid; it's complicated and complex, and the coloring is good. The film has a few technically challenging camera angles and animation sequences, too. But, these were not close to the level or number of the previous films; they felt like an afterthought. CG graphics are over -- and poorly -- used: the colors don't match, and the shading is often plain. There's a lot of simple expanses in the backgrounds, too -- empty rooms and vast oceans and the like. While that is normal for Eva, it's not quite pulled off. You end up looking at how empty the scene is visually, rather than feeling a shiver of how appropriate the emptiness is for the scene's content. Still, the majority of construction issues lie within the story itself. Fourth Impact came at the end of the second movie, and it was a rapturous event in all senses of the word, both to the characters within film and to the viewers. But instead of starting from there, the third movie skips time -- lots of it. Eyepatch Asuka makes her appearance, and while that's amusingly swashbuckling (the film starts on a ship too), it's punctuation in a fragment sentence. In general, the more complex a movie is, the more scenes it has. This movie has four major scene segments -- the opening battle, Shinji and Misato arguing, Shinji and Kaworu's semi-captive montage, and Shinji and Kaworu trying to recover the spears out of Lilith. That's an incredibly small amount for a film an hour and half long, and it makes the film feel like a train of thought that wasn't properly explored. The opening battle is inordinately long; it's not even that fun in the grand scheme of Eva opening battles. Shinji and Misato argue for a long time, but they are completely detached from reality. The end just sort of ends, and the major issue -- the arrival of the 13th angel -- lacks any explanation and, when it is resolved, feels hollow. The character building is weak, to my great disappointment; it left a lot of the other people in the theater scratching their heads. The strongest part of the film in any respect is a hilarious but incredibly homoerotic sequence of scenes with Kaworu, him teaching Shinji about the value of life through meaningful interaction with others. And that sequence I will always love; I'm a sucker for a smooth operator and the film certainly benefited from the humor. But, that's about the extent of anything emotionally gripping. And even those scenes, often, move just a tad too fast for the emotional content to really hit you. For instance, we get the new girl, Mari Makinami, who at the end of 2.22 brought glasses, librarian-like women, and pink plug suits all to the fore for the first time, in the most promising of new characters Eva's seen in a decade. She proceeds to have no character development for the rest of the film. Neither does anyone else, though -- Shinji, Asuka, Rei, and Misato all end the film in the exact same mindset in which they began, with no new revelations, making the desolation at the end of the film feel more like a mid-way point than an ending with a conclusion. The whole movie feels like it was supposed to be one of Shinji's famous out-there dream sequences that showcase his fear and powerlessness, but it wasn't. In a phrase, this is a film that had a lot of promise and used little of it. Eva's up to its old tricks . . . but for what? With no slated release date yet, Part Four is our last part to finish this rebuild. The show will go on, but can we just forget this part happened?
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