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Okay. I don't know what I've change my blogskin into a simple one, 'cause I'm too lazy to think for too many. The exams are over. Hooray. I can finally revert back to my slacky life. hahahaha.

Well, I KINDA handle my exam quite good. except for some stupid papers I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING OMG WTF. Okay. to tell you the truth, I've keep on and on aaannnnd on having distractions during my exams. It's ALWAYS like this for me. Whenever I'm having exams and serious shit stuff, I'll always discover addicting stuff or found some thing I'm attracted to.

and. during the exams, I never DID stop watching anime. to tell you the truth, I'm still in the "stay tune to anime mode" not the "hiatus hiatus" mode. SORRY DAD AND MUM AND WHOEVER IT IS, ANIME IS TOO ADDICTING.

I've recommended (or somehow fangirling) some anime before. (SNK, HYOUKA, INUBOKU, BLAHBLAH) So i'm going to continue recommend (fangirl) some anime(s). which i watched and some finished during exam week. i'm such a bad girl i know.

KYOUKAI NO KANATAokayyyy. this is about a girl with the ability to FUCKING MANIPULATE BLOOD. and they kill YOUMU(S) aka monsters whatever. Have you ever seen such badass stuff? (okay, "bloodbending") and then protagonist KURIYAMA MIRAI is such a cutie. she's one of my 2D animated female crush. just look at her. look. even with her glasses on, she's still holy cute. that sword you saw, is actually her blood. and that boy there, is my another 2D animated male crush He's Akihito nicknamed "Akkey". don't you think it's sooooo cute? and secondly, their animation. The animation studio is KYOTO ANIMATION, which is the studio who made Free! and Hyouka and etc.. just look at their beautiful drawings and awesome animation. this is really serious shit.

NAGI NO ASUKARAThis is about the story of the different 'worlds': one above ground, land; and another under water, in the sea. there are sea people and ground people and fish which grow on your knee, OMG IT'S SO CUTE. in the underwater village, there fishies everywhere. I've read the manga before and i think the fish on the leg is cute so i continued reading. i know this is awkward but i kinda like this show. BUT it's filled with children love and puppy love and these love triangles, rectangles, square, pentagon, hexagon whatever, which I'm not really fond of. another main point is their eyes. I've never seen an anime draw their eyes like this. So i'm actually drawn to their eyes. WTF? OOHHHH. and their Kami-sama (Uroko-sama) is so HAWT.

KILL LA KILLActually this anime is somewhat rated 'cause of too much of body exposure. LOL. The plot is about a girl, Ryuuko, wanting to avenge her father. The only evidence or things her father left before die is half a pair of red scissor and Ryuuko uses it as a sword or something like that. I FUCKING LOVE THE SWORD, LIKE MIRAI'S BLOOD SWORD. both red, and deadly. Then Ryuuko has this seifuku(sailor uniform) which transforms into a suite or perhaps battle suite and you can unleash your godly powers. In the anime setting, uniform are a form of fighting armor(?) the more stars you have the powerful you are. so the story begins! and there's this friend of Ryuuko's called Mako. she's so dumb and joker-like but i like her. I ALMOST FORGOT ANOTHER POINT. if you like those oldie oldie rusty rusty style of anime art style (like those in the 90's) you should watch this. 'cause i think their art style is somewhat similar to the oldies.

COPPELIONThis is a anime about nuclear power plant meltdown. In 2016 Tokyo became inhabitable 'cause of the nuclear power meltdown. then three girls appear and stepped into the polluted zone WITHOUT WEARING ANY SUITESSTUFF. why? 'cause i don't know. hahaha. they are some kind of biologically developed 'human' group to investigate the polluted area what-so-ever, IDK. What i like about this anime most is... there is little BGM in this show, which it gives us mystery feeling. 'cause you see, a polluted area, no one lives there.... don't you think it's kinda creepy? Although I don't really like the artwork at first, but I still cling on this can actually feel how puny human is, when facing the nuclear meltdown through this anime.

GALILEI DONNAThis is about three girls who are GALILEO GALILEI'S descendants. OMG JAPAN, YOU ALWAYS HAVE THIS KIND OF WHACKY IDEAS FOR ANIME. But i love their art style. cute. and this anime is and will be involved with mechs. like gundam and stuff 'cause there's this little girl in the anime who can actually build robots/mechs. and the robots/mechs are goldfish like. GOLDFISH. OMG. and there seems to be a deep plot. IDK. my instincts. I have a thing for mechs recently.

MAGI S1 S2 DUByou probably knew magi already but i still have to write this 'casue i like this. hahahaha. but as always, i'm lazy to type out the plot. It's about adventures and magic and treasures and dungeons and stuff. I think this anime/manga series is kinda underrated. I really do think so. AND it already got it's own dub. I like Alibaba's ENG voice not to mention he is also one of my 2D animated male crush. I don't like Aladdin's. It sounded annoying to me. I don't know why. and the manga. OMG. OHTAKA BULLSHITED ALL OF US. Poor Alibaba, not having a girlfriend and simply make up a story. but it's kinda cute. and then Hakuryuu and then Kouha and then Titus. all of them are my 2D animated male crush. *nosebleed* I mean, their character CLOTHES design. I can see their inner thighs OMG. *nosebleed again* I really do think that Ohtaka have this shota inner thighs fetish. or exposing shota body fetish. seriously. AND THEIR DERP FACES IN MANGA & ANIME ARE SO CUTE.

NEON GENESIS EVANGELION AND IT'S SOOOO MANY TITLES.this is a 90's anime. I know. I've watched it wen I'm small, but dropped it. as you can see, I'm really into mechs nowadays. Look at that black 'angel' attacking Shinji baby. (he's a cutie, trust me.) this anime is about mechs and universe and acience and stuff. but most , you're all "WTF IDE WTH HAPPENED?" throughout the series, especially the old one. 'cause it can also translated as psychological-shit-14-year-olds-go-through-when-piloting-a-giant-robot-to-fight-humanity's-greatest-enemy. (OMG TITAN?) NOPE. ANGELS. that black thing in the gif there. THEIR PLUGSUITE IS COOOL. and I like kaworu really much. he's like "Hi, I'm kaworu, nice to meet you Shinji" to "I love you Shinji" in 15 minutes in-anime-time. he's a cutie too. my another 2D animated male crush. I am a kawoshin shipper. seriously. but overall, this NGE universe is a really great series. and if you want to watch it, you better be prepared 'cause there are 2 versions and the plot goes like butterfly knots, really confusing it you're watching it for the first time.

NO. 6 NAMBAA SHIKUSUUUUUyes. this is how they pronounce it in the anime. This anime is full of cuties. Shion(Sion), Nezumi (both my 2D animated male crush) and Inukashi. Safu's okay though. I like her manga appearance more. this is yet another ainme is about BOYSLOVE science fiction. killer bees, sudden age-ing of humans, walls, and magical goddess. I like the manga adaption more though (the art is nice). I think the anime art style is kinda cocky but whatever, as long as there is Nezushi I'll definitely watch it. I like Shion's snake-snake thing. It's kinda cool. but i think it really hurts to have a bee hatching from your neck. so I guess I'll pass to bear that snake scar.

this ends here -for now- 'cause i have to sleep and I still have classes tomorrow. I really like to watch anime i don't know why. maybe because I'm a pervert.

kawoshin alert. alert. alert! ALERT! ALERT!!!!!!!!
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