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Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This has to be one of the most thought-provoking things anybody could see as

an adolescent. It changes you. I wouldn't suggest doing a marathon run with

it if it's your first time.

The premise is Shonen. You could brush it off as unassuming boy gets in

giant robot and fights off aliens. Don't think it's even as clear cut as the later

Gurren-Lagann series (not that Gurren Lagann isn't great itself).

It's a post-apocalyptic scenario where there's been two "impacts."

It's probably a reference since Japan had two devestating real life

impacts in WWII. In the show, it's generalized that the world flooded.

Civilization has gone underground after these events. Japan has an

underground shelter called Tokyo-3. Our main character is invited to this

place after living separately from his father.

His father is my favorite character. He expects much from his son

and has his ambitions kept secret from the higher-ups.

The aliens are called "Angels." The robots are numbered "EVA"s.

The main boy's father is assumed to be in charge of defending

humanity from the Angels. So he asks the main character

to fight these things.

He isn't the first fighter, though. There's the most iconic anime Heroine, Rei.

Her true reality remains secret until the latter part of the show. She's probably

most well known for being a "kuudere."

Personally, I recall having been enamored by her as how I'd like a partner to be.

Well her personality is even further contrasted with the personality of the "Third Child,"

Asuka. The difference between Rei and Asuka is the introvert vs extrovert. I wasn't so

enamored with her until she shows that she's got her own history. It still didn't

Rei for a while. It wasn't until "girlfriend of steel" that I could start appreciating Asuka.

That was probably the charm of a "Tsundere" (I think the Kugamiya(sp?)Tsundere

initiated me to that type. I still think Rin Tohsaka(sp?) typifies the archetype best.)

I think there's an edge to Tsunderes that Kuuderes don't hit.

So, these three make up the most of the tension in drama.

(This wasn't a great review I admit.)
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