Sunday, October 27, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion

TYPE: You know the one

SYNOPSIS: Giant robots. Whiny teenager. Dick Dad. Alien (?) Invaders. Complexes. Whacky ending.

PROS: IT'S PRETTY GOOD. I mean, what more can I say? It has good design, good music, worthwhile characters, a surprising amount of humor. It's hard to write about Evangelion because so many people know about it, and so many anime have been influenced by it. As a late initiate, all I can say to any NEWCOMERS is that the show is not as intimidating as you may think it is. In fact, the show has quite a bit of traditional anime gags to balance out some of the more serious stuff. The action scenes are also amazing, as each invading "Angel" looking and action is radically different ways. Every fight means somethings, for the narrative at large and individual characters.

CONS: THE ENDING. Whoa, did I not see that coming. I've seen a lot of sloppy and confusing anime endings, but this one took home the grand prize. The show used a pseudo clip-show to get all FREUDIAN on the characters, seemingly forgetting that it had an actual plot to resolve. What's up with Lilith? What was Gendo's ultimate dickish plan? Why only 14 year olds? Did Asuka ever get out of her funk? Why were the angels attacking? I also thought that Shinji was a bit too much of a WUSS, but considering his circumstances and HORRIBLE FATHER (who never redeems himself), I gave him a pass. Seriously, what the FUCK was with that ending!?

WATCH IT?: A classic. Just pretend Ep. 25-26 don't exist.

MVP: Misato Katsuragi

I'd follow her fine behind into battle any day.

BEST EPISODE: Ep. 19 "Introjection" (Personally, I wouldn't have come back)
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