Monday, September 23, 2013

Welp, Guess I am Full of Irony

Apparently, I am procrastinating on this English essay on the Scarlet Letter, since I am typing up this blog right now.

In other news that doesn't involve me dying to English, I am also devoting my time to Neon Genesis Evangelion.If you haven't watched it yet, it's basically a mecha anime that instead of focusing on action it deconstructs the whole genre by focusing on the psychological aspects of its characters.Instead of the main character developing and improving as the series progresses, his depression further continues as the plot reaches its climax.The original series is a bit unpolished without a real ending to the story.However the second movie gives the series a true ending that can be either significant or unwanted depending on one's preference. Overall the story itself is really good conceptually but the unpolished last two episodes bring down the show.

Back to school events now, friends and I made a Computer Club "to promote interest into usage of computer technology for the student body."In other words, my friends and I are bored and wants a club where we don't do much like most other clubs at school.The only major thing we are doing is making a movie and selling copies of it for club fair.It is going to be the "movie that's so bad it's good".

On another subject, I need to see my pal's friend.She looks cute in a way reminiscing a certain someone else.I did talk with her once awhile ago by accident, but I wanna see her in real life :3.Yeah I'm Creepy Like That LOL.
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