Friday, September 13, 2013

Sleep, Eat, Rinse and Repeat

For the past few weeks when I don't have to go to college anymore, my sleeping habits got messed up. My usual bed time is 2am, I always go to bed at this time, 3am being the latest. Usually I would wake up at 10am or 11am but as of now, I cannot wake up earlier than 1pm even when I set an alarm clock. I feel that things are getting worse when the other night I could not sleep at all. I was awake the whole night until 7am before falling asleep and waking up later at 2pm.

Now that I have nothing to do at all, I really don't do anything. My activities only start in the evening until night, the afternoon is when I spend some time playing with my cube puzzles, playing Pokemon or hanging around Facebook, doing nothing. I haven't been following my YouTube subscriptions and I haven't been reading manga. My mom told me to get a part time job the other day but I've already eased myself in this hermit life I'm living now.

After pushing myself to do at least something, I picked up watching anime again. I have a lot of movies and anime series I haven't watched and they are pilling up as I keep downloading the anime I want to watch. I started off with a Studio Ghilbi marathon, watching the films I haven't watched yet. I'm now left with Pom Poko and Nausicca. As for anime seires, I just finished Neon Genesis Evangelion, MM! and a couple anime short films.

While I'm at it, I'm slowly building the motivation to work a part time job. I don't have a car so I can't go too far. I know I'm lazy so I'm hoping to get a job that don't need me to work myself out on the clock. Ever since college my body muscles ache and sprain easily.

While I had been wanting to go out for quite some time, I now prefer not to go out. The 'me' in my Pokemon White 2 can do all the outdoor activity fun for me now. Haha.
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