Monday, September 16, 2013

Blue Gender [Animated Series]

There is a soft nostalgic spot in my heart for this series. Mainly because it is one of the few giant bug series that is well executed. It feels like a mix between Starship Troopers and Neon Genesis Evangelion in some ways, but it remains something on its own entirely.

The world is overrun by these giant bugs called Blue and where they come from remains a mystery. Mankind has taken to living in space with occasional exploration squads to perform reconnaissance and learn what they can. Our protagonist is awakened in this nightmare and his reactions are fairly typical, but well executed in this anime. As he continues on he adapts to the harsh environment interacting with various factors you would expect in a apocalyptic setting.

The art style is consistent which is something I really appreciate and the story progresses at a balanced rate. There are very human moments which makes for a mature viewing much like Starship Troopers except with greater psychological moments. What really separates this from the previous mentioned is the seriousness and depressing nature which is felt more strongly in this series.

Mobile suits and other military tech concepts are introduced in a believable manner. Everything feels at home in this series and makes for a relatable experience so it allows for a strong connection to the characters. Soundtrack and theme music are especially memorable, in fact the ending theme remains one of my personal favorites much like Neon Genesis Evangelion's opening theme.

The only thing that irks me somewhat is the movie that came after the series. It is essentially a blender of scenes from the series with very little new scenes. In fact they mix everything up so that the story is extremely condensed and makes for a really different storyline. Its existence just doesn't make any sense to me. Skip it.

SCORE 9/10The series is flawless if you have a liking for giant bugs in a apocalyptic setting. However, skip the movie, completely unnecessary and irrelevant. For me it is a nice series to return to once every few years because every time I am surprised at the very human moments that exist throughout this series. The reason I never hang on to it for very long because it is a one shot experience that you set aside for a while to enjoy again some other time.
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