Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Veidt alt cosplay heroine pics: Kat is big in Japan

Here's new alt cosplay pics featuring Kat in a set kind-of inspired by Rei Ayanami of the neo classic anime NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. I loved the Evangelion stuff i've seen, and hope the perceived under-performance of PACIFIC RIM hasn't killed any chance of a big, live-action adaptation.

It definitely shouldn't studio heads ought to understand PR's $400 million global return is just the floor for what a well done Eva movie could make. Add on top of that some % of THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST's $611 million haul (not adjusted for inflation), due to the series' heavy integration of Christian themes/memes/symbols, and you're looking at a fucking titanic money-spinner.

And if there's never a proper Evangelion movie, that's kind of okay, as it's directly referenced in one of the best films ever shot, Mark Romanek's ONE HOUR PHOTO. Robin Williams saying "Neon Genesis Evangelion" was my ringtone, for awhile.

( it kind of kills me to see Williams in ads for his new series that looks like a shitty sitcom. I think of the limitless creepy/sad potential for a series that revisits Sy Parrish in a world where facebook/instagram/etc allow him to obsess over anyone's photos, and i weep.)

See the rest of the pics after the jump. Only if you want to, of course. If there's any question, go instead. Pack your shit. Let's go.

GRAND THEFT AUTO V is out today. Been looking forward to it for so long, will go run out for a copy, but don't know how much i'll play it right off. Have Total War 2: Rome, The Last of Us, and Saints Row IV all currently in progress. Must finish all these soon everything's getting dropped when Arkham Origins comes out.

Thanks Kat! New pics, more info on the Cinco crowdfunding project, and other stuff very soons.
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