Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Six Anime That Have Closure in One Season or Less

I have a big peeve for anime series that end too early, especially if the series is only one season.At the same time, I have to give props to a series that can end a story in one season.Nothing is worse than being left hanging.

FLCL 6 episodes

I could not explain the plot to FLCL if I wanted to.This show is all over the place with pirates, t.v. robot angels, and a vespa.That doesn't change the fact that it comes to a successful conclusion after only six episodes.The more you watch the series the more likely you will be able to understand what exactly is going on.

Neon Genesis Evangelion 26 episodes

Eva is the kind of show that you either love or you hate.Rarely do I meet someone who felt the show was just okay.It took a few episodes before I found myself enjoying the show, or what you can call enjoyment as far as Evangelion is concerned.I am not typically a mech anime kind of girl, so the big robots were a bit of a turn off at first.The story, to me, is kind of crazy. . . in a good way.So many of the characters are damaged and you just keep waiting for them to reach out and heal each other.Spoiler alert: don't get your hopes up.The general plot is that the Earth is being attacked by Angels.Humans have made their own "angels" and turn them into giant mechs.One of the more bizarre bits to the series is that the human made, Evas, can only be piloted by teenagers.

Cowboy Bebop 26 episodes

This series is a music infused space western.Think of Firefly with jazz themes.The Bebop is the Ship of two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet.As the show progresses they pick up new members to their team.Each character aboard the Bebop brings something to the team that is unique to them.That includes the welsh corgi.Sadly, the ending is very definitive and starts preparing you a few episodes before the last.While everything may not be wrapped up neatly, most your major questions are answered by the end.All that is left is for the viewer to accept the outcome.

Baccano!16 episodes

Baccano reminds me a lot of Cowboy Bebop, they both have the same feel to them.The series is a lot less linear than Bebop, though.It jumps around constantly between different characters and time periods.Of course, everything ties together by the end.This is another series that does better to watch at least twice.I have to be careful what else I say about this show because pretty much anything relevant is very important to the plot.The only thing else I can really say is just watch it.

Paradise Kiss12 episodes

One of my favorite mangas by Ai Yazawa is also a very fun anime.A lovely girl who is pretty much floating through life without any real direction happens upon a group of students from a fashion school.What I really like about the series is that is plays up their ages.The main character, Caroline, is a typical young and naive high school girl.The moments when she thinks she has everything figured out are the moments when she is most lost.Her relationship with the group's leader, George, just confuses her further.This is a very girly series which might be why I like it so.

Madoka Magica12 episodes

I have already done a little write up of this series .The best way I can describe the series is if Doctor Who had a three way with Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura.
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