Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ergo Proxy Theme

So I've been relatively immersed in kaiju and anime since roughly July alternating between the two.Yes, the arrival of PACIFIC RIM (2013) naturally sent me reeling off in that direction.Since then there's been no looking back. Though I have made time for other avenues simply to take a break.I recently viewed Mark Romanek's NEVER LET ME GO (2010) and Darren Aronofsky's THE FOUNTAIN (2006), both exceptional, on the recommendations of fellow readers/writers.I'm pleased I took a chance on those two powerful sci-fi, human dramas.They may require a bit of patience but these thoughtful films are both ever so rewarding. On the anime front, I've been jumping into some old school anime, GATCHAMAN, but also checked out the next two entries in ERGO PROXY (2006) featuring the goth sexy Re-l Mayer. One of my only complaints with the new anime productions is the same complaint I sometimes have for today's live action science fiction.It's computers.The CGI effects in today's cinema is sometimes underwhelming.It's just too damn perfect and polished for its own good and simply can't compare to the gritty practical effects of yesterday.

The same goes for the world of anime.While it's certainly more economical and computers do wonderful things for the visionary, the look of the production is often too clean, sharp and sterile.This complaint is minor and comes from an old school fan of the hand drawn variety.It's simply hard to let go of some those deep, dark line drawings that graced everything from GATCHAMAN to NEON GENESIS EVANGELION and in between.That warmth of artistry is absent, but that's the sad reality of today's 2D digital cel animation and 3D computer animation and modelling.Nevertheless, I embrace both and I'm more than happy to give new and old a chance.ERGO PROXY is one of those new ones that lured me into its fold.

The opening theme song from the series is called Kiri by Japanese alternative rock band Monoral.I have to admit - I dig it.Also, ERGO PROXY actually employs Radiohead's Paranoid Android appropriately enough for the closing theme. Enjoy this opening theme to the solid science fiction yarn that is ERGO PROXY.Also worth noting is the editing and effects used in the making of the opening theme.Aesthetically it is impressive and does complement the anime quite nicely.
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