Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Medicom Real Action Heroes Presents NGE Evangelion 2.0 EVA-02

Woah! We've been slacking the whole 2013! Sorry about the MASSIVE delay in content on Fitted Life, but no worries, we've been working behind the scenes to welcome 2014 with new and impressive content. So to get the ball rolling, we present to you Medicom's Real Action Heroes EVA-02.

This particular EVA is piloted by the fierce Asuka (Shkinami) Langley from the reboot NGE movies series. The EVA is highly detailed and we are overly impressed by Medicom's attention to detail towards this brilliant mecha.

The EVA-02 comes with plenty of goodies and with its numerous articulation points, you can definitely create some pretty cool action shots. The EVA-02 also comes with items such as the angel's core to recreate iconic scenes from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime.

This particular figure is sold out, but if you're a die hard NGE fan, check out eBay for online resellers. However, like the rest of Medicom's line, these figures can get pricey, especially due to their limited quantities. Nevertheless, this EVA-02 is a solid figure, worthy of any action figure connoisseur.
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