Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another perspective of Entertainment


It's been a long time since my last post, well i got a little busy for these past week, and still got nothing from my busy-nes.

By the way, i'm not gonna discuss my wallet problem here, i want to discuss -like the title said- another perspective of entertainment, in this case i will discuss Watchmen, and Neon Genesis of Evangelion

I will discuss them separately, in another post (well it needs research first isn't it), but what i want to tell you in this post is.... how amazing am i to know that these story maker, have a lot to think, a lot to consider before they released their Magnificent art.

Psychology, Social, Politic, Art, Philosophy, and many more, i mean, they are not like how i used to think about. I was though that make an anime or comic is just a simple think, it's like "Okay, let's make an anime, put a cool hero and heroine, with a lot of action, lose several time in the middle of fight, but then somehow getting stronger and defeat the enemies", but not it isn't, maybe several of them make an anime based on that pattern, but these guys (Maker of Watchmen and Neon Genesis Evangelion) make it to the next level, they put their self-deep-philosophy-thought into a message in their animesporadically, hope that their fans will get the message.

There are a lot of Anime, Comic that nowadays, put that kind of pattern in their work, but back in the day (1980's for comic, and 1990's for anime) almost all of the comic and anime only put a simple story, with entertainment purpose only, and not put any crucial message in it.

I believe these two (Watchmen and Neon Genesis Evangelion) will be one of many Fiction that will discussed until the next generation.

Okay, that's it for now, i will begin to do research (what about your final task dude!), and i hope you guys will accept my opinion about these series.

Oh yeah, and also, i really want to discuss these series from any perspective, if you want to just sent me an email to

Thank you for your time, and seee you....

(While you waiting for the next post, why don't you entertain your self with Watchmen series (i prefer the comic series) and Neon Genesis Evangelion (i prefer the original anime series PLUS the end of evangelion) so you have a little bit knowledge when we discuss it, where do you have to search it? pfffft, just google it dude, seriously, do you want me to put the link here?)
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