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Random Thought (July 27, 2013 at 11:18PM)

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So today I went to the municipal to register my voter's ID and gracious me, it took me 8 hours just to take an ID picture that only lasts about 3 minutes or so. I was in the middle of the scorching sun for 6 hours since the queue was very long that it went outside of the municipal. By the time I got inside until I finished taking my ID picture, it took me another 2 hours. I'm really disappointed that they cannot improve their system at all.

In some other news, after more than a year, I've finally completed watching Mirai Nikki. Haters gonna hate, I hated how the characters in this series behave which is to be expected since it's a psychological show. I'm really pissed on the toddler diary user, I mean come on? Where have you seen a kid do things even most adults cannot do? Heck, he even knows that 1A of current can kill a person. I didn't even know that until I took my EE class. Despite that I was still able to like one character in this series, and that person is the ninth diary user, Uryuu Minene. At first I also hated her, but as the show progresses I began to see her wacky side. Her romance with the detective was so much worth rooting for. I almost teared in one of the episode where..(I won't say it since I might spoil someone). I even liked her more in the last few episodes of the show.

The reason why it took me a while to finish this is obviously because of the crazy characters but in the last few episodes, it kind of hooked me in a way since I kinda liked the whole plot twist. To be honest while watching 1/3 of the show, I was skeptical of giving it just a 7/10 but since I liked the plot twist and how it ended (although of such cliffhanger), I ended up giving it an 8/10. All in all, it's still a good watch. I admit that it's not an anime for everyone but if you like psychological, survival, and gore anime this one is for you!

I still haven't watched Mirai Nikki Redial since it's just an OVA and I don't think it will provide enough satisfaction for me. I'll just wait for the Redial manga to finish and hopefully a TV series would come someday.

PS. I still think Yuno is crazy. XD And for some reason Amano Yukiteru and Akise Aru remind me of Ikari Shinji and Nagisa Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Photo: Not Mirai Nikki related but I just can't help Illya's cuteness XD. She's from the anime, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya.

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