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Mithril: London ComicCon Shenanigans

On May the 24th to the 26th was one of the UK's biggest event for media, anime and cosplay London ComicCon.Naturally I went to see what would be going on this year. Like normal there waspanels for tv shows, meeting celebrities and a lot, and I mean a lot, of stalls selling various products from anime plushies to Japanese dining ware.

Although I did buy a few things and saw a couple of panels that's not why I go to London ComicCon. Naturally I go for the cosplay. Over the 3 days there wasvarious level of cosplay from the people who buy ones of the rack and have fun with other cosplayers cosplaying from the same series to amazing costumes where you stand there and wonder, how did they make that??

On the Friday I cosplayed as Asuka(school uniform) with my boyfriend being Kaji from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was a quick and easy cosplay to do as I used my natural hair for Asuka. It was a success with a handful of people asking for photos and comments saying how I looked cute. Friday is mainly the day I see whats what and generally buy stuff before it gets too crowded as a lot of people come on the Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday I dressed as a pervy school boy to accompany Pandora's school girl costume as my original costume wasn't able to finish on time. Sometimes in life you have to say to yourself, I'm not ready or this isn't gonna be ready, it's very difficult to say but when you do you'll find the weight being lifted off your shoulders and true friends will understand why you did it and not pressurizeyou. I created the face shape I wanted using highlighting and contouring which I will be posting a blog about soon. This is a good tip for crossplayers as face shape is one of the signs of someone's gender. It didn't go down very well but I kinda expected it because it's not from any particular genre and it wasn't sparkly or had the big wow factor.

At the event itself it was very crowded, it was very difficult to get around inside and out. I persevered with it tho as at the end of the day was the masquerade where UK's first Euro Cosplay representative would be picked. There was alot of great costumes from quad suits to gowns. The person who got through to be our representative cosplayed as Daenerys Targaryen if she went to war from Game of Thrones. The costume itself was very well made and the materials used suited the sourceit was from. I wish her the best of luck for the finals in October.

The Sunday was a lot less crowded than the Saturday. I was dressed up as Rei(School uniform) from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I used the same dress as I did with Asuka as it's the same one. You can save money on costumes by cosplaying from the same series and changing the wigs, bare in mind tho you will get hot and sweaty in costumes so make sure it doesn't smell when you put it on for another day! Rei went down very well, more than I imagined, I met up with 2 other cosplayers from the same series and had a photo shoot with them, even thought I only just met them. I also got called cute a lot which I'm not sure how seeing I was wearing creepy red contacts, oh well guess it a sign I should cosplay as more cute and girly characters from now on. ComicCon is a great place to do group cosplays and meeting new friends as they're a lot of people there. They normally have a memo on the official ComicCon forums saying where and when they are meeting up.

Like the Saturday there wasMasquerade but this time just for the ComicCon competition and no representative for an outside event. Once again the range of cosplays was impressive but also the skits where good too. There was an eevee group from pokemon accepting the newest member of their family with a hilarious song from the musical Avenue Q and an Adventure Time skit who did a custom song and the set up for that was just perfect. The winner of the parade entry was none other than our blogger K177Y and her friend Aaronwho did Elementist and Sylvari from Guild Wars 2. Them winningjust seemed a perfect ending to a wonderful weekend.

Overall the weekend was good, but I wished the Saturday was less crowded and I had giving myself more time to come up with plan B costume for the Saturday.Here are some photos of me in the costumes I wore at the event.

Me and my Boyfriend as Asuka and Kaji
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