Sunday, July 21, 2013


Okay so I am not going to pretend and say that I did not find Pacific Rim a great movie to watch. But when I say great I only mean it in the mecha-crazy, big-robots-stomping-towns kind of great -- so please don't go beyond that and try to be philosophical with me and say how metaphorical the Jaegars and Kaijus are (in reference to Humanity versus Dark Side of Humanity kind of battles) -- because they're not. I was and still am a big fan slash groupie of Neon Genesis Evangelion (arguably one of the greatest mecha anime ever made) so nothing you say will make me elevate Pacific Rim to beyond what it really is.

Having said that I also admit that I have never watched any of the Gundam series, nor was I a Voltron fan, so fans of those franchise might want to differ with me. To each his/her own.

In any case, seeing a poster comparing the sizes of a Jaegar and an Eva made me whimper in mecha-geek admiration. No I am not making this stuff up.

Not mine. Credited from the net.

Actually there is another poster which shows that Eva Shogoki is only about 1/10th of Gypsy Danger. That's freaking awesome. And that Eva Shogoki is about 10 times bigger than Ellen Ripley in the Loader Machine (from Aliens 2). Now do your math.

I shall end this self-deprecating post with a poster I made using an online . Don't ever call me obsessed, please.
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