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Blog Overview Since Revival and The Months Ahead

Today marks exactly three months since I've awakened my blog from its multi-year slumber. I've managed to hold to the schedule and release one post every week. Summer is upon us, and I have some more free time, and I also want to get posts out while still fresh. This post will detail the posts I've made thus far since the blog's revival, and the posting schedule for the upcoming months. Hope you'll stay with me!

SYNOPSIS: I will list every single blog-post since the blog's revival on April 1st, giving a short description of each. The next blog-post will go live next week on Monday, the 8th. I will either post two blog posts a week (Monday-Tuesday and Friday-Saturday) or 3 blog posts per 2 weeks (a blog every 5 days) for the next two months.

I will spend the next week to write more blog-posts, I find it harder to write a post properly 4-6 months after watching the show. I will also try to comment on some blogs I've been meaning to comment on for the past couple of months but hadn't really found the time. Hope you guys enjoy the posts and keep reading my updates

Also, feel free to comment on this post with thoughts in general, well-wishes, idle banter, or what have you.

Here is a list of the blog posts we've had since the blog had been revived on April 1st and a short synopsis of each:

* - The post where I announce this blog's revival. Has a good song, but not one of my favourites, from one of my all-time favourite compositions, Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds.

* - I cover one of my favourite shows of all time, even though it has some flaws it had commanded my psyche while it was airing and was an integral part of my day-to-day thoughts and emotional processes. I use this show to discuss how we grow emotionally attached to people and things over a lengthy period of time, through repeated exposure - the hard-hitting moments in the early sequences of the show are there to make us care about the hard-hitting sequences which arrive later, and feel completely different should you rewatch them after the whole show is completed.

* - A small aside about the siren and Israeli culture with regards to the Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel.

* - Covering both seasons of the anime about the light music-club that had really introduced the hyper moefication of characters into our lives. This show doesn't have much of a plot, or conflict, or story. It's best seen as nostalgia, it's a warm experience that envelopes you, the watcher.

* -has some heart and good moments, but two good story episodes and two funny episodes are not enough to warrant two seasons. The issue is the show keeps hopping from route to route of the harem, undoing any progress the story may hope to otherwise accomplish.

* - I've watched my fair share of "neverending Shonen", this is my favourite one, it has the most emotional content and in many ways is the most mature. It also has a - .

* - I've watched the Neon Genesis Evangelion series multiple times. This movie feels like Hideako Anno returning to his shenanigans, trolling us with a deconstruction of the concept of disorientation, and the plot could fit within 30 minutes. A waste of time.

* - Covering the shows , , , , , S, and at episode 5-6, giving my first impressions of the shows. The Spring Season of 2013 which was covered just ended and I'll review some of these shows.

* - You know the experience you have while reading a thought-provoking, not all the answers are immediately given science fiction story, which also raises ethical questions? You know how rarely you get to experience this in anime form? Well, this translation of a Japanese book to the anime medium is a good opportunity to do so. Highly recommended.

* - keeps hammering us with moments that make us flinch due to how bloody they are, failing to realize us flinching does not mean we're emotionally affected by the story, just a gut-reaction. The movie lacks a real soul and the artificial insertion fails.

* - Just like entry 9, this is one of the better stories involving time travel I've experienced. "To what lengths will you get to do what you must", a story about action and consequences. Has a bit too much of a harem-feel at time, but I suspect it comes from its origins as a Visual Novel.

I also discuss how in many stories the first half of the story covers whole months, and a lot happens, and in the second half perhaps only a single day passes, but more happens in it, and the action is often more internal (emotional and/or relationship-based) than events occurring in the world. * - Where I tell the hardship story I had resulting from ordering my Playstation Vita (which I love) - some discussion and thoughts about customer services moving from email to phone exclusively recently.

* - A more mature story - and no, I'm not talking about sex and violence. The characters are imperfect and allowed to be imperfect. When things go downhill it's not just for the sake of things to go uphill again later on. A meaty watch, not for when you're looking for feel-good material.

* - I've read the book, I've watched the movie. The movie adds too much, removing Bilbo from the forefront, adding too much about the world from a story that at its heart is a very personal journey. Still, need to see where it ends up, in two films' time.

* - Ghibli stories are often about humans encroaching into nature, nature kicking them back and then an ambassador appearing, bridging the two worlds and offering some form of reconciliation, however temporary and fragile. Wolf Children takes a different tack, and its werewolves can't reconcile the two lifestyles, and any attempt to do so only ends in disaster. A movie by the director of The Girl Who Leapt Back Through Time and Summer Wars.

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