Wednesday, July 10, 2013

(???) Meet & Greet with Cosmo's Guest Cosplayers


Today , I am going to write about COSMO Youth Parade's Press Conference !!

With a 4 year history ,is an event which cosplayers wont want to miss xD!!! This year ,on behalf of CutePop , I had the privilege to be invited for the Pre-event Media Interview with King x Mon, Misa, YuiD During the Press Conference,the reporters are allowed to get close and personal to the cosplayers ! xD And for that , I felt really really grateful, excited and terribly lucky !!!

Introducing to you,


MISA in the flesh !!! xD She's my Idol !!!!

SAFFROND as you can see :

King taking picture of the reporters xD

Misa and Saffron jumped out too~

Reporters Posing INSTEAD of the cosplayers !! HAHAHA

and the cosplayers are very amiable and cute~ take a look at these ;D

We even get the chance to get some signatures from them xD You can see how happy the boys are from their bright smiles xD

and while the boys are queuing near the moe Misa and Mon, the girls are flocking near the bishie King xD ( just kidding , kidding ok ~ ;D hahaha)

And what I was most thankful for on that day is :


After being able to follow he ron FB ONLY !! xD




It was one day before COSMO Youth Parade itself and during the meet and greet , we had some insights into the cosplayers' reason for cosplaying and their opinion regarding some topics ;D

WHICH ONE DO YOU PREFER ? SELF TAILORED COSTUME OR PURCHASED ONE ?the majority prefers self-tailored ones as it gives better fit and they enjoy the process of the costume's creation ;D

FAVORITE ANIME /MANGA ? King (Slam Dunk) , Mon(Zone 00) , Misa (Neon Genesis Evangelion ), Saffron (Speed Racer) , YUI (Full metal Alchemist)

King : "I am going to have a Slam Dunk photoshoot with a group at the end of this year . The shoots should be released by November and amongst this group of guys cosplayers, there are only 2 girls including me , so the girls have a really tough time trying to buff up *laughs* "

Misa :I love evangelion and so far I've done many many shoots in order to prepare myself for my favorite series. Now that I am more confident and experienced, I'm starting to cosplay characters from Evangelion , starting from Asuka :D

Saffron : I dont think anyone knows of this series. I'm pretty old *laughs* its called *insert chinese title* --> ( in the end we figured it seemed to be 'speed racer' / Maha Go! :3)

YUI: I love FMA ! In fact ,Roy Mustang is the first few characters that I cosplayed and I am going to have a re-shoot for his character !!

So, that's all for COSMO Guest Cosplayers' Interview ~~ xD I apologize for the delay in this post as you see... My scholl schedule is pretty much crazy these few weeks and there are events every single weekends TAT from MinnaCon to Cosmo, then Cosfest TAT and I took pains to edit the piccies kay~~ ;D heheheeee~~~

But I'm very thankful for this chance to meet these awesome cosplayers !!() !!!I was able to meet some friends while there too~~


Natalie~~ Hahahaha xD

Chiro from

and my lovely lovely girls from Pika Pika Meido Cafe ~~

Anyway, ciao-ssu~~ Gott study so I can have more time writing for MinnaCon, Cosfest ,etc etc etc xD If you have anything you want to ask me/write about, just drop me a message ;D I'll try my best to get back to you~~

Will upload the event version soon :3Terumii~~ Follow me~ ()- Facebook :Instagram : @teruterumi

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